Why does everybody hate me?

Are you asking yourself “why does everybody hate me?” Then I have something to ask you…

How do you know that everybody hates you? Do you think you look unattractive? Maybe someone sees beauty in you and you don’t understand this. What about inner beauty? What is it you think is so awful that everybody hates you? And how can you know what they are thinking? Believe me, your thoughts are all coming from the same source, your imagination which is negative due to your low self esteem. Let’s talk about what you can do to correct the way you are thinking about yourself so that it helps you rather than hurts you.

If you always complain and focus on negative things, and believe you are horrible , how can you expect anybody else to love you, admire you and like you? To get something you must first give it then it will be returned. If you can’t love yourself how can you love others and why would you expect them to love you? You know, the most attractive thing is a smiling face and a genuine happy inner glow.

Is it reasonable to expect every single person to like you? Of course not! There are billions of people on this planet and not everyone operates on the same frequency. Some people will get you, some will dislike you, and some will adore you. But you have to realise how unreasonable it is to expect that every single encounter, every single conversation and every single relationship will go the way you want it to. And more importantly, you have to realise that it’s okay when they don’t. That’s life. Instead of analysing each and every negative encounter as a nightmare and dwelling over them, accept them gracefully as they are and remember that there is nothing you can change about the past, but the future, that’s up for grabs.

I know it’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to try and stop allowing people to have so much power over you and your emotions. The fact that you’ve had bad experiences with those around you does not mean that every single encounter will go that way. Some of those encounters you may even be blowing out of proportion. For instance, if you said hello to someone and they didn’t respond or didn’t acknowledge you, they may simply have not heard you, but at times our minds are so fragile and convincing that you’re certain within a matter of split seconds that that person hates you to your core. Even if you have good reason to believe that they hate you, you have to stay strong, believe in yourself and your values, and remember that there are billions of people on this planet, most of which can appreciate your unique personality.

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people does not take anything away from your qualities, your personality or your life experience unless you allow it to. If you resist, these experiences could turn into a blessing for you in allowing you to restructure your life and your social circle, ultimately leading to a better quality of life which I know you deserve, and I’m hoping to help you obtain.

These are hard truths and that is why I established my site because in order to love others or become successful you must first like yourself and be happy with who you are.

What about change? You CAN change your appearance and become more attractive, you CAN lose weight and become healthier, you can stop complaining and thinking negatively. You CAN change your attitude to yourself and feel more attractive. These are ALL choices you can make…

To be happier you must make different choices. Please try. My website has so much to offer in the way of help and inspiration but especially I recommend you try self hypnosis. Here is a wonderful bundle of 3 hypnosis sessions that will help you feel better about yourself – read more about this and download it today.

You may also find this page about self talk helpful so take a look and try to change what you tell yourself over and over again so that you boost your confidence and outlook.