What Are Some Positive De-Stressers?

Written by Paisley Hansen
December 1st, 2019 | Updated: March 20th, 2020

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Sometimes people misinterpret what being strong means. Being strong doesn’t mean that you don’t show emotion, being strong means that you acknowledge all sides of what you’re feeling and understand when life gets to be too much. These are the moments to pause, take a breath and count your blessings. On this page you ill discover how to de-stress in the most positive ways. Everybody needs a healthy outlet to clear his or her mind, what is yours?

how to de-stress? Try meditation

What are the best de-stressors that you can try? Everyone is different and by reading the following list, you may find your perfect way to de-stress.

See how many of these ideas you can use in your daily life.


Some people see the world most clearly when they’re far away from the familiar. Let travel be a way that you refuel your mental health and see the world through another lens. Not only are you able to physically escape your chaotic environment, but you are also exposing yourself to other people, other foods and other cultures. The break you get from travel can be the best de-stressor there is, so consider taking a trip soon.

Cruises. To feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury while being cradled in the ocean’s waves, book a cruise. It doesn’t matter where you choose to go — Europe, the Bahamas or Alaska — a cruise ship is something that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. A handy tip for scoring the best cruise deals : Look for departure dates that are coming close. Prices drop dramatically in the weeks before departure because cruise lines want to fill ships with passengers. On a ship you will find out how to de-stress in many new ways.

Road trips are an American pastime that take advantage of the long, windy highways and endless country roads. If you want to get away yet still stay in your own country, pick a destination on the map and take the longest, most winding route you can to get there. Remember the golden rule of taking a road trip: The destination is only part of the adventure, getting there is half the fun.

Getaway resorts are the ultimate place to recharge your batteries and get yourself relaxed and refreshed. Whether you’re into the party scene and are ready to hit the town or want to escape other people except for your masseur, look into packages nearby on sites like Groupon to find amazing discounted deals. Getaway resorts can make for excellent de-stressing holidays, so make sure you book one soon.

Hobbies take away stress

Between work, home and being a parent, having something that you enjoy is part of maintaining good mental health. Sure, you love your family and enjoy the time you spend with them, but all creatures need some “me” time. Having a hobby is great for you: It helps to establish a sense of self-worth and pride outside of the household, can help to teach you something new and best of all, can help you learn how to de-stress doing what you love.

The outdoorsy type. Do you feel totally comfortable outside in the woods? Does Mother Nature sing to your blood? Try checking out the registry of national parks and see what hiking trails, campsites or fishing holes are nearby. Natural de-stressors can be some of the most effective ways to relax.

Artistically inclined. You have a Muse standing behind your shoulder. Let her whisper to you and unlock what medium you choose — paint, the written word, clay, music or whatever else your creative mind can use to express what’s in your soul.

New skillset. You’re not afraid to try something out of your comfort zone, so there’s really no task that you’d consider off-limits. You’re every bit as willing to sign up for a rock climbing class are you are to learn how to cook French cuisine. Look at your local community website and check out what’s going on in your area. Try enjoying a near life experience – this is so inspiring and a must read!

Exercise relaxes your mind

Working out isn’t only good for your heart and muscles, it’s also great for your mental health. De-stressing exercises can be really effective. Channeling your fears, excess worry and frustrations into something physical can help alleviate stress and help you regain confidence and self-control. If you’re not so keen on the idea of running or powerlifting, find something else that you find you actually like doing.

Activities that will de-stress you

Yoga. Introduced to the world in India 5,000 years ago, yoga is proof that ancient methods sometimes work the best. Relaxation and heart-pumping stretching combine in this empowering ritual to help you build muscle mass, strength and give your heart a great workout. 

Swimming. Whether you have a pool in your backyard or one at the community center, swimming is a form of exercise that works out your entire body from head to toe. Plus, another benefit is that swimming can help ease symptoms of chronic stomach pain like IBS and aid indigestion.

Dance. If you’ve got rhythm in your blood, show it off and have fun at the same time! Dance classes don’t have to be formal ballroom or ballet, although there’s nothing wrong with those either. Other fun dance classes include hip-hop or burlesque-inspired lessons straight out of the Moulin Rouge.

Learning how to de-stress in a healthy, positive way is great for your mental and physical health as well. Life isn’t always golden retrievers and snickerdoodles, sometimes it’s hard and can be overwhelming. Find a way to get rid of your extra stress that is beneficial for you.

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