Ways to Promote Positive Change in Your Life

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
August 15th, 2019 | Updated: March 24th, 2020

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When you’re going through a rough patch, made the wrong decisions, or hit rock bottom, change is required to turn things around. Though change isn’t easy to get used to, it is necessary to get out of the rut you’re in. It’s also part of life. To get through to the other side, start taking baby steps towards a better tomorrow. Here are some steps to consider below:

Start with Your Home

Where you live can have a negative impact on your wellbeing. The home is where you spend most of your time and, therefore, needs to be changed to support healthier living. Start by purging your house. Get rid of all the things you no longer have a need for. Then, begin reorganizing the things you do want. 

Lastly, make some investments throughout your home that can help enhance your health and wellness. Get rid of that old bed and purchase a latex mattress for improved sleep. Brighten up the rooms with soothing earth tones and natural light. Invest in gadgets like humidifiers, air purifiers, smart thermostats, and home assistants to make home life safer, healthier, and more efficient. 

End Toxic Relationships

You cannot reach certain levels of success and happiness if you have people around you that are toxic. They drain your energy thus keeping you away from your goals. It may seem cruel to cut ties with such individuals, but if you want positive change in your life it is necessary. Anyone in your life that drags you down, doesn’t support you, isn’t helping you grow, or drains your energy needs to be removed. 

Start cultivating new relationships with like-minded people who care about you, support you, and want what’s best for your life. This might be your family, friends from college, or new people that you encounter. 

Take Care of Your Health

To make the right changes in your life you need to be in good physical and mental health. When you’re not at your best health it creates roadblocks and challenges that make it difficult to make the changes necessary to move forward. So, put yourself first by taking care of your health. Exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of rest, keep stress to a minimum, do things you enjoy, treat yourself on occasion, and, when necessary, get help. 

Make Amends

In order to move forward in a positive direction you have to let go of the past and the negativity that comes with it. It’s time to make amends with anyone you may have hurt, anyone who has hurt you, and more importantly, with yourself. Think about the things that you hold deep in your heart that hurts deeply. Think of the people involved in those scenarios. Then, find a time to reach out and talk one on one to try and come to some resolve. Whether the outcome is a renewed relationship or not, getting it off your chest is essential for positive change. 

Learn how to end negative thoughts and replace them with helpful positive ones.

Once you’re done, it’s time to forgive yourself . Perhaps you made some poor choices in your life and even hurt people as a result – you’re only human. Take from those circumstances, the lessons that can be learned and move past it. 

Set Goals

You’ve got a lot of negativity out of your life and have created a foundation (your home) for positive change. Now, it’s time to visualize what you want your new life to look like. Where would you like to be in the next five years? Think about this question in every aspect of your life from professional to personal. 

Then, develop an actionable plan of steps you need to take to accomplish each of those goals within that time frame. Put these goals somewhere you’ll see them often and alter as needed. No matter how hard it may seem or what may try to knock you off your path each day get up and try again until you start seeing that change you’ve dreamed of. 

When life gets you down the only place left to go is up. You can begin picking up the pieces by promoting positive change in your life. It may seem impossible, but once you learn how to let go of the negativity, build a strong foundation, and put an actionable plan into place you’ll realize that it can be done. Develop a growth mindset for your self-improvement and you will be able to move forward with a new hope and vision for your future.