Ways to Increase Positivity in Your Life

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Want to make lifestyle changes for increased happiness and a more optimistic outlook? There are many ways to do this. Here are some tips and tricks to feel better, faster. Let’s look at how to be more positive in life.

Establish an Exercise Regimen

how to be more positive through exercise
Exercise makes you more positive

Exercising even a few times a week can have the effect of producing endorphins, which improve mood and outlook. Serotonin is one type of endorphin and perhaps the most important mood elevating chemical. Anandamide is less known, but provides the important benefit of managing stress levels. Because exercise increases both types of endorphins, it results in a better mood and less stress, a double advantage. 

Learn How to Use Essential Oils

Utilizing essential oils can have a wonderful impact on your life. These oils come from natural ingredients and their use spans thousands of years, from traditional herbal medicine. For example, ginger essential oil helps with nausea and digestion, and can also provide numerous benefits to your immune system. Essential oils can be used to give your home a pleasant scent that can be therapeutic. They can also be taken internally or on the skin.

Wake up With the Sun

There are many advantages to getting out of bed before or as the sun is rising. Waking up earlier gives you extra time before work or school to introduce positive habits, such as exercise or meditation. These habits can get your day started on the right note. Additionally, this can increase your productivity throughout the day by encouraging you after achieving so much in the morning hours. 

Boost Your Immune System for a more positive outlook

A positive attitude has positive effects on your immune system. A study showed that people who think negatively had poor immune systems, as compared to those who pictured positive images. Your immune system prevents you from experiencing illness, and helps you continue to accomplish your goals without sickness. Furthermore, research suggests that positivity later in life can prolong lifespan and could possibly be a result of evolution. 

Practice Mindfulness Regularly

Mindfulness is slowing down and being more aware of your thoughts and feelings in order to improve yourself. Practicing mindfulness can help you reap the benefits on both mental and physical levels. Not only can it ease stress and anxiety to improve your mental health, but it also relieves symptoms of high blood pressure, digestion issues, and chronic pain and inflammation. Methods of mindfulness vary, from simple meditation to keeping track of and acknowledging the sensory details around you, such as sight, touch, and taste. Improving mindfulness comes with practice, so it is important to implement this type of thinking into your everyday life as often as possible. 

Read More and Often

With the advent of technology that serves as a huge distraction in this day and age, it may seem like reading is sadly dying as a hobby. However, for those that still want to pick up a book, the benefits are numerous. Not only do you gain more knowledge and increase your vocabulary from reading, but losing yourself in a book can be a major stress reliever, as well as help improve your memory and cognitive function. Even better, the more you read, the faster and easier it will be to read, so you are cumulatively improving your communication skills whenever you trade your phone or television for a book. Books provide virtually endless entertainment as well. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

The old adage that you are a culmination of the people you spend the most time with is true, to an extent. Consistently having happy and positive people in your life is one of the keys to achieving a positive life of your own. Seeing people who make you laugh is a stress reliever, especially if you have had a long or rough day, and mutual happiness produces a strong bond. Keeping a few good friends rather than dozens of acquaintances will ensure that you have only those in your life that care about your best interest, as well as the other way around. Being with friends and finding fun activities to do together can be a great step in achieving a positive lifestyle. 

If you are stuck in a negative or depressed space, it can be difficult to see the path to a better life. However, with these tips, a great lifestyle is both possible and achievable.  

How to Be a Positive Person Everyone Wants To Be Around

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Self Confidence Master PlanGet this Confidence Master Plan Free! How this Confidence master Plan is going to help you:

  • Enjoy the excitement of an amazing new journey to unstoppable self confidence.
  • Finally understand the steps you can take to build your confidence.
  • Believe in yourself more.
  • Experience the motivation of setting goals that matter to you.
  • Enjoy a positive sense of hope and optimism in your own future.
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Being fun and positive person is not an easy responsibility. People always have their take on how you should behave and what to say at particular moments. It is also not easy to be the favorite person for everyone within your circle. However, being nice to everyone also makes it easy for you to create and generate lasting friendships. Therefore, it is essential for you to start evaluating your character and work towards fitting various descriptions to accommodate everyone. Here are simple practices to embrace while in the journey of becoming a better you for everyone around.

Stop Complaining

Everyone has personal issues to deal with. Therefore, when you come together with others, it is not your time to start complaining and sharing your problems with everyone. Keep things to yourself, and only bring in conversations that are neutral and engage everyone. The main focus should be to help others forget about their issues and not amplifier them by constantly complaining about your life. When you don’t complain, you will lead a happier life, and everyone will be happy to be associated with you in one way or the other. Ability to talk to others is truly important.

Don’t Brag

It is easy to stop complaining when you have issues to deal with. However, if you are the only person with substantial wealth in the company, bragging or constantly referring to your riches can be tempting. That should not be the case, especially if you want to be the person everyone wants to be around. Avoid intimidating others by talking about your achievements every time. If you must talk about achievements, be the person who notices other people’s efforts and give the praises. Let the others celebrate you and notice your achievements without triggering the conversation.

Additionally, when others offer compliments, be receptive, and appreciate the compliment by simple words. This will make you look humble and genuine all the time. It will also help others to work smarter and try to imitate your hence grow your circle into better heights. 

Don’t Gossip but Listen

There is a thin line between being a listener and a gossiper when in a group of people. There are times when you might think you are giving an attentive ear to a story only to find out that you are part of office gossip and so on. Therefore, keep an open mindset always and ensure you only participate in the right conversations. 

When someone is talking to you, don’t be quick to respond or give your views regarding the matter. Be patient enough and listen to every detail. Ensure to understand every statement and where applicable, give your response. For instance, if someone wants to share their personal experiences with you, don’t be quick to give your opinion regarding the same; after all, it is their story. This will make you stand out, and people will know where to run to whenever they want someone to listen without judging them.

Take Care of Yourself

Your physical appearance is quite critical when it comes to choosing friends. Everyone wants to be around a person that will challenge them with their looks and intellectual performance. Check your diet and where possible block lectins in your diet and keep fit all the time. Being flexible also helps in improving your posture hence make you super confident at all times. 

Speak Up

Whenever you don’t feel good about something, speak up, and share your feelings. People will like you more when they are sure you don’t keep minor issues to yourself, especially if it involves your friendship. When you speak up, you eliminate the possibilities of being skeptical, and you create room for understanding one another. However, while speaking, ensure you are audible enough and avoid yelling to others.

How to Be a More Positive Person

Friendship is not always simple, and there are times when you will not get along. However, if you want to be the person that everyone loves to be around, you must be positive always. Find a reason to see the good in others even when it is not vibrant enough. Influencing others to attract and produce positive results makes you an all-time hang-time pal. When you are positive, it will be easy for you to encourage or motivate others to produce similar results. It also indicates that you are not self-centered, and you are not in the group to show off your abilities. 

When you’re going through a rough patch, made the wrong decisions, or hit rock bottom, change is required to turn things around. Though change isn’t easy to get used to, it is necessary to get out of the rut you’re in. It’s also part of life. To get through to the other side, start taking baby steps towards a better tomorrow. Here are some steps to consider below:

Start with Your Home

Where you live can have a negative impact on your wellbeing. The home is where you spend most of your time and, therefore, needs to be changed to support healthier living. Start by purging your house. Get rid of all the things you no longer have a need for. Then, begin reorganizing the things you do want. 

Lastly, make some investments throughout your home that can help enhance your health and wellness. Get rid of that old bed and purchase a latex mattress for improved sleep. Brighten up the rooms with soothing earth tones and natural light. Invest in gadgets like humidifiers, air purifiers, smart thermostats, and home assistants to make home life safer, healthier, and more efficient. 

End Toxic Relationships

You cannot reach certain levels of success and happiness if you have people around you that are toxic. They drain your energy thus keeping you away from your goals. It may seem cruel to cut ties with such individuals, but if you want positive change in your life it is necessary. Anyone in your life that drags you down, doesn’t support you, isn’t helping you grow, or drains your energy needs to be removed. 

Start cultivating new relationships with like-minded people who care about you, support you, and want what’s best for your life. This might be your family, friends from college, or new people that you encounter. 

Take Care of Your Health

To make the right changes in your life you need to be in good physical and mental health. When you’re not at your best health it creates roadblocks and challenges that make it difficult to make the changes necessary to move forward. So, put yourself first by taking care of your health. Exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of rest, keep stress to a minimum, do things you enjoy, treat yourself on occasion, and, when necessary, get help. 

Make Amends

In order to move forward in a positive direction you have to let go of the past and the negativity that comes with it. It’s time to make amends with anyone you may have hurt, anyone who has hurt you, and more importantly, with yourself. Think about the things that you hold deep in your heart that hurts deeply. Think of the people involved in those scenarios. Then, find a time to reach out and talk one on one to try and come to some resolve. Whether the outcome is a renewed relationship or not, getting it off your chest is essential for positive change. 

Learn how to end negative thoughts and replace them with helpful positive ones.

Once you’re done, it’s time to forgive yourself. Perhaps you made some poor choices in your life and even hurt people as a result – you’re only human. Take from those circumstances, the lessons that can be learned and move past it. 

Set Goals

You’ve got a lot of negativity out of your life and have created a foundation (your home) for positive change. Now, it’s time to visualize what you want your new life to look like. Where would you like to be in the next five years? Think about this question in every aspect of your life from professional to personal. 

Then, develop an actionable plan of steps you need to take to accomplish each of those goals within that time frame. Put these goals somewhere you’ll see them often and alter as needed. No matter how hard it may seem or what may try to knock you off your path each day get up and try again until you start seeing that change you’ve dreamed of. 

When life gets you down the only place left to go is up. You can begin picking up the pieces by promoting positive change in your life. It may seem impossible, but once you learn how to let go of the negativity, build a strong foundation, and put an actionable plan into place you’ll realize that it can be done. Develop a growth mindset for your self-improvement and you will be able to move forward with a new hope and vision for your future.


Being a better, you should not be a complicated experience. You don’t have to go out of your abilities to make everyone else happy. However, you also need to choose your friends and company wisely for the group to have mutual interests. Although you should not always expect something back, it is essential to always surround yourself with people of the same goals as you. This will help you grow as you also help others to improve, hence build a strong relationship with everyone involved profiting.

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