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Ways To Actively Better Yourself In College

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: May 7th, 2020

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Your freshman year of college is a complete culture shock for most.  The sharp learning curve mixed with the excessive freedom to do whatever you choose to do can prove challenging for even the most focused young person.    

Once you survive your freshman year, you begin to learn that college is a transitional time for the rest of your life.  It’s a time to invest in yourself and your self esteem. Choosing to make the best of your college years will be a huge determining factor for your level of professional success following college.  

Take the time you have to make yourself better, and learn how to soak up the full spectrum of learning while you’re in school.  Here is a brief look at a few ways to actively better yourself while you’re in college.  

Take every opportunity to build your network

College presents a great opportunity to network with others inside and outside of your prospective field of practice.  You get a chance every day to meet someone new, and you should make the most of those opportunities.  

Building a network of people to support you will help you ride the high end of your self esteem.  You’ll be more productive and more successful overall with a large web of professionals to assist you on your journey.  

You never know when one of your college buddies will end up being the professional you need in your time of struggle.  Build connections you can continue and maintain after college, and your professional career will benefit.  

Take on emotional challenges along the way

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Try not to isolate yourself too much in college.  There are far too many networking opportunities for you to hole up in your dorm room the whole time you’re in school.  Get out, and meet new people.  

New and exciting personalities in your world will help you build your self esteem as well.  It’s enriching to make a new connection, and college is all about being social.  

When you have the chance to take part in a group chat or a group study session, take those chances.  The connections you make in college could make a huge impact on your career in the future.  

Use college to transition to adulthood

The real life challenges you will face during your college years will give you a glimpse of what life will be like after you’re finished.  Take the umbrella comfort of college life to use as a safe learning environment.  

Take the time to become a master budgeter.  Learn to properly manage the financial demands of everyday life, and learn the ins and outs of some of the most fundamental processes of adulthood.  

Learn to better your work ethic

You may have made it through high school without putting forth much effort, but you’ll want to change that behavior in college.  Get the most out of going to university, and take actions to better your work ethic.  

When you know you’re a great asset to your employer, you naturally feel better about yourself.  Keeping your self-esteem on the up and up will help keep you engaged in your college experience.  

Train yourself to allot time studying.  Make yourself set aside time for sleep. Learn to live a structured and functional life rather than partying, and you’ll find yourself a more adequate professional in the end.  

Use college to better understand financial dealings 

Pay attention to the financial management skills thrown your way throughout school.  Your student loans and grants will be accompanied with lots of important information.  Don’t throw those papers away!

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