Self Motivation for Confidence and Self Esteem

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
November 15th, 2013 | Updated: March 24th, 2020

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Your self motivation is central to everything positive that you want to do in your life. Perhaps it is even more important than your self esteem and confidence! What you say to yourself is extremely important and if you want to learn more about self talk and how to help yourself by talking to yourself more positively visit the self talk page now.

If you want to improve your motivation or self esteem or improve yourself in any way you need the desire and will to do it.

Internal or External Self Motivation?

I hear you saying that not everything comes from within. You may be motivated by external factors, others may encourage you to start something new or begin moving in a positive direction. You can be motivated by faith, by your belief in God and in doing what is right. You can even be motivated by negative events to achieve positively. But what is important is how you think about what happens to you. Optimism is a great help and will prepare you for new challenges and make it more likely that you will succeed. Negative thinking will always demotivate you so you need to think positively even in the most difficult situations. This is not denial of reality but a useful tool in your armour. Read how you can end negative thoughts and motivate yourself more.

But what is the result of these external factors? Motivation – you are moved to achieve something you badly want.

Why do you need self motivation?

  • You cannot always rely on others to encourage you, if you have positive friends who are always there when you need them then you are indeed lucky and very much in the minority. If you are lonely or have few friends when you face any difficulties in your life you must rely on your own motivation to get you through. Lack of self motivation at that time could lead to depression.
  • You need self motivation to achieve because if you don’t encourage yourself to accept opportunity and challenge who will?
  • To plan and find direction in your life
  • To take up a new activity, hobby or challenge
  • To be enthusiastic about life and living
  • To have the courage to see things through despite setbacks or negative comments from others

you need inner self motivation to do the positive things you want in life This is not an exhaustive list because self motivation is so important in every aspect of your life. The very fact that you are here searching for answers and trying to improve yourself shows that you are motivated.

Do you lack self motivation ?

A True Example of How to Deal With Setbacks

Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb. He is said to have failed trying many many thousands of times before he finally got it right. He is a great example of how self motivation will keep you going through what most people would think of as failure. Instead of giving in after one of his many attempts didn’t work, he kept going and tried something different and eventually succeeded. You could say his persistence lit up the world! He would only have failed if he had stopped and given up. This is what he said about his experience after trying thousands of times without success:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Check out more inspiring quotes from Thomas Edison – a man who was truly self motivated!

How Can You Become Motivated?

Good question!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Focus on what you really enjoy doing, maybe on something you want to take up or on a hobby you’ve always wanted to devote more time to. What’s stopping you? Think about giving it priority to start doing what you love doing.
  • Make a list of things you’d like to improve on and how you’re going to do it
  • Review all the successes you’ve enjoyed in every area of your life, totally forget any negatives, just positive successes here!
  • Start an exercise program – force yourself to do it, it’ll make you feel much more positive.
  • Contact a positive friend and have a chat.
  • Read inspiring books that will help heal your mind and improve your attitude. I have put together a list of highly recommended self help books I know will help you so take a look and order one or two – you’re going to find inspiration on every page!

Are you having a problem with your motivation?

Even the most positive of people sometimes face a situation where they lack  motivation. This happens to us all because we all face the same or at least similar difficulties in life. True you may be affected more or less than others because you react differently to the challenges and setbacks which you face. It is your attitude and responses to life which dictate how you feel.

Abusive people lower your self esteem and put you down. If you live with an abusive person you are at a big disadvantage and may suffer very low confidence. The best advice is to get this abusive person out of your life, don’t accept abuse ever. If you absolutely can’t escape that person then you need great inner strength to stand up to it.

Self hypnosis is a wonderful way to improve your self motivation. Try this amazing self hypnosis download – Building your self esteem   now! It really works!

You may have friends who are negative or who put you down. This shows they have a problem but the tragedy is these people suck you dry of positive energy and being with negative people can only sap your inner strengths. Chances are that any self motivation you have they will slowly destroy and bring you down to their level.

Poor self confidence may prevent you from being motivated and hold you back so why not build your self confidence now, so many people have been helped by these hypnosis downloads and the CD Trainer which you can order extra (this CD is perfect for maintaining and improving your confidence permanently and I have used it and recommend you get it – it’s worth every penny!) good luck!

How to Change Your Attitude and Become More Self Motivated

A reader sent me something that really made me realize there is one major change you need to make to your attitude towards life that will help you become much more self motivated. It is how you face the problems and challenges that are in front of you. What is your attitude towards life and the problems it throws at you?

Here is the change you need to make:

“Understanding that I have things to learn no matter what I go through. There is only winning and learning…”

So what does this mean for you? Difficulties are a normal part of life and we all have to face them daily, weekly and sometimes these problems seem very difficult to overcome. If you can change your attitude towards these “problems” and see them as “challenges” then you are half way to increased levels of self motivation.

A challenge is an opportunity

What is a challenge? Well, it is a more positive word than problem and that will help you. A challenge is an opportunity. As a result, life is a learning experience and an opportunity to learn and improve on your journey towards success. Think of it like a ladder and at the top is your goal. You need to climb the ladder with energy believing you can reach the top. As you go higher you find different challenges (each rung of the ladder) which you must overcome to move towards your goal. Stop or fall off and you can’t reach your goal. Your self motivation helps you keep hold and keep going. Therefore, focusing on your goal rather than the obstacles ahead and the difficulty of the climb keeps you motivated.

Just imagine what you will have learned when you reach the top, how will your life be better? And how will you feel when you succeed?

Winning and losing

The next step is to understand that you win by overcoming your challenges. They are not there to defeat you but to help you learn and become stronger. Motivation increases as you move closer to your goal and motivation falls as you move away or believe you cannot succeed. So stay focused on the goal and only go for that which you really want. Also, remind yourself what it will be like when you get there.

Another very important shift in your thinking happens when you enjoy the challenges or the journey to your goal. Steps along the way can be small and pleasant if you make them so. Your self motivation will also increase if you reward yourself when you succeed even with a small step.

You cannot lose if you keep trying your best, it is only a matter of time until you succeed. At any time you may change your goal or the steps you need to follow. This is not giving up but maybe you decide at some point there is something else you want to do or your goal no longer applies. You decide what you aim for and you decide when you are a success. Therefore, failure only means you haven’t succeeded yet.

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  1. Self confidence is the most important thing to carry if you want to achieve something in your life and to stand out in the crowd and more than that you need to motivate yourself as no one will bother to do so.You are responsible for your success. Thanks for sharing such amazing article.Keep posting such motivational article.

  2. My motivation is increased if I plan a task for a specific date and can review the tasks done. I use the iSmart.Life app to planing my tasks and projects. The application contains elements that are aimed at increasing motivation. This include project progress, widget activity, completed tasks highlighted in bright color, reports, etc. This is a free and very convenient web app.

  3. I think First, we have to stay positive thinking in our life. It is an essential fact to improve self-motivation. Great article.

  4. I’ve had a hard time lately motivating myself in my work. I really like your suggestion to exercise. I think I’ll start exercising regularly and see if that makes a difference. I also love the tip to read an inspiring book. I never thought of that as a way to improve my attitude. Would it be helpful to read every day?

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