Self Hate – what you should do

In this short article I would like to offer you some help in understanding and fighting self hate.

How does self hate start?

Hating yourself is one of the most destructive things you can do. It will affect your relationships, your confidence and ensure that you will have very low self esteem. In effect, it is a recipe for failure and misery. If you or someone you know suffer from self hate then you will really feel pain as you struggle with life.

Self hate can start because:

  • you have done something you shouldn’t have and you punish yourself for it 
  • you dislike something about yourself and it grows into stronger feelings of hate
  • you feel guilty
  • you are insecure
  • you have suffered abuse and inside somehow you feel you are partly to blame
  • you feel a failure
  • you have no friends
  • you are too self critical
  • you don’t like your appearance (women and weight issues are especially a big problem) 

Why self hate?

Everyone at some point has negative feelings about themselves. Perhaps you think you are overweight or unattractive. The purpose of this website is to help you change your attitude towards yourself so that you see yourself positively. Here are some ideas how to feel more attractive, if this is a problem for you.

Self hate ranges from a dislike of some aspect of yourself – (such as appearance or character), to an intense self loathing. At the extreme end of this scale you may feel angry and depressed. It is important to seek help and start to change how you look at yourself. This website is a good start but if you need my professional help get a free life coaching session and see how I can help you.

Hating yourself serves no purpose except to ensure that you fail. If you suffer from a victim mentality because of your situation this will ensure you remain a victim confirming your negative thoughts are justified.

Please…it’s time to change! Free yourself…

What will it mean to change?

Self hate is the absolute opposite of high self esteem. If you are against yourself you can achieve nothing so you will be stuck in negativity and unhappiness with no hope of escape. Ending it will mean a more positive you ready to take on the world and every challenge it offers you.

Can you imagine liking yourself…even loving yourself? How would that change your outlook and your life?

–you will be like a new person, more successful and happier. Depression and lack of confidence will be a thing of the past…

– So how can you get there? How can you be that more positive person who actually likes her/ himself?

How can you stop self hate and start to like yourself?

This is what I suggest you need to do urgently:-

  • Build your self confidence
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Become less critical
  • Develop positive self talk
  • Improve your self image
  • Consider the good points about who you are what you can do
  • End negative thoughts
  • Work on your social skills and your relationships. Friends can really transform your life. Making and keeping friends is a skill like any other.
  • Deal with depression
  • Be honest with yourself and try to understand why you feel loathing or dislike towards yourself.

Self hypnosis is a great tool you can use to help yourself. Download this self hate hypnosis program and start to change your life today.

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