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Self Confidence Tips

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
November 16th, 2013 | Updated: January 22nd, 2020

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Do you have a hard time with your confidence? Is your social life and career affected by a lack of confidence? If so, here are a few self confidence tips that will help you get back on your feet in no time…

self confidence tips: have the courage to ask

  • Look for a model (someone who has self confidence) and learn from them. What is it they do that makes them confident, how do they act? Often if you act confidently you will feel more self assured (according to an article in Health Psychology). Sometimes a smile is all you need but there are many other steps you can take to feel more relaxed in any given situation.
  • Focus on your achievements rather than on your failures. If you do find yourself thinking about how you failed then look at what you managed to do right and how you could improve the outcome the next time. This change in attitude makes you more positive and that outlook will boost your self confidence. One area that is often a problem for people is dealing with others. If this is an issue why not try these tips for improving your confidence in relationships?
  • Learn how to feel good about yourself – there are always things to feel good about!
  • Act as if you were self confident! You will feel more confident and learn to be more assertive – fake it until you make it!
  • Focus on who you are and what you like about yourself. Why do your friends like you?
  • Prepare thoroughly for any task so that you can be sure you are ready. Knowing that you have prepared well will make you better able to cope with anything that may come up, naturally making you feel more comfortable and confident.
  • Work on any skills you need to do what you want, you can never be over trained or over skilled for any challenge in life.
  • Work on your relaxation skills. When you come to challenging and difficult moments relaxing will enable you to control your negative emotions and project more positive ones. Breathing is one aspect of this that is so important because controlling your breathing controls your body’s reactions to what’s going on around you.
  • Always smile and stand up straight. Your posture and smile will project confidence and you will feel better able to cope with anything. You will also find that others respond to you better and this will give you an added boost. This is especially important with public speaking.
  • Set reachable goals for yourself and break difficult tasks into smaller steps. This will help you to believe that you can achieve your larger goals if you can see the clear steps towards it and know that you can be successful by taking these smaller steps. Never underestimate how important your self esteem and self worth is.
  • Reward yourself when you succeed no matter how small the achievement. Remind yourself that you are moving forward with determination and that you are one step closer to achieving your goal. Give yourself credit.
  • Finally, I advise you not to be too competitive or compare yourself with others. Be yourself and accept that life is not a race against others. Your self confidence depends on you and your personal needs. Set your own standards and allow yourself to overcome challenges at your own pace.

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What other self confidence tips can I offer you?

There are so many sources of self help!

Use any tools available to you to improve your performance. These include but are not limited to books, courses, seminars, videos and information available on the internet. Try using a journal to plot your successes as they occur. When things don’t go as you planned, note down what you think went wrong and how you want to improve next time. It is so important that you write these down and begin to focus on improvement and achievement no matter how small. You can learn to become confident, I promise – so start today!

What Is Your Biggest Obstacle to More Self Confidence?

Your thinking. Negative thinking to be exact. If you always think negatively you will be more easily put off by what happens to you or by what others tell you. Please Check this page for how to end negative thoughts and I’m sure that if you follow this advice your life will be much more enjoyable!

One of my biggest self confidence tips is to read inspirational quotes and go looking each day for words that help you to believe in yourself. There are plenty of wonderful examples of suitable quotes online and off. Repeating these quotes out load can turn them into affirmations which help you to change your beliefs and way of thinking. Putting quotes in a place where you can read them often can also be helpful too and this is why you so often see motivational posters in companies all over the world. Words are inspiring.

Do You Have a Problem with Self Consciousness and Shyness?

This problem can stop you dead in your tracks and cause you to panic. Self consciousness will prevent you from being confident and may cause you to become shy. I suggest you read more about overcoming the problem of shyness here.

Did you Like this Page?

Learn how to develop your self confidence by following the tips from this site and Build your Self Confidence by Uncommon Knowledge – quick, easy and guaranteed to help you build your confidence. These courses were prepared by experienced psychologists and having tried them myself, I give them my full recommendation! You will notice the small differences as they happen. Persevere and don’t expect everything at once.

Beating low self esteem is a wonderful thing, and it’s much easier than you’d imagine. The life you’ve been dreaming of is within your reach…

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3 thoughts on “Self Confidence Tips”

  1. Stefan Bradley

    I’m glad that you mentioned how reading inspirational quotes can help change the way that you think about yourself. My uncle has been dealing with some self-esteem issues ever since his wife divorced him, I want to help him improve his mental state. I think it would be a good idea for him to find a self-help website that can boost his confidence.

  2. Daphne Gilpin

    Thanks for explaining that negative thinking is a big barrier to self confidence because it causes us to be more easily put-off by what happens to us. I recently heard about Christine Mendoza’s ideas, and I’m really interested in learning more about how to be confident as a woman. I’m glad I read your article because I think actively combating negative thinking will be really helpful as I start my journey to confidence.

  3. Thanks for these amazing tips. I’m having a tricky day, but I’ll pick a few of your tips and keep on trucking!! Thank you.

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