Stop Blushing

Blushing is natural so remember it is only a problem if it affects your ability to communicate or socialise normally. Does it affect your self esteem or confidence? If so, then that is a problem and you should do something about it.   Sometimes being over self conscious or not relaxed can make this condition worse, but be happy that it can be controlled and you can be more confident and stop blushing.

If you are extremely uncomfortable and blush easily in any social situation the only way to overcome this is by confronting your fear and beating the problem through practice. The more you avoid challenging situations which cause you to blush the worse your problem will get. Why? Because you may exaggerate the problem in your mind and your fear will increase as you begin to avoid social situations more and more. Remember, what you resist will persist. To move forward you must face the problem. Now let me tell you how.

First, some of the ideas here are dealt with on the page about overcoming shyness, so it would be a good idea to go take a look at that page also. In short, reducing blushing is about gradually learning to relax in difficult situations which are stressful for you, and when you do relax your blushing will ease and leave you, thereby increasing your confidence at the same time. As you get better at relaxing and slowing down you will no longer fear certain social situations and will begin to find them much easier and then you can move onto bigger challenges. Blushing may never disappear totally but will no longer be a problem for you any longer.

So what is it you fear? Talking to the opposite sex? Speaking in a group? Dealing with an aggressive person? Your boss? When you next have to talk and feel yourself begin to blush use the relaxation technique described here and take control of your thoughts, your breathing, your muscles and feel better quickly. When you have made this technique work, I suggest you note your success down in a progress diary of your own, giving yourself a number out of ten for success. By doing this, you’ll be able to watch your progress as you overcome this problem, and feel more confident and relaxed in the social situations which used to scare you. You may face setbacks, but by keeping track of these and noting down your thoughts and feelings, you will learn to better manage these interactions in the future.

If you blush too easily and too often then you need to re-balance so that you are more confident and comfortable in stressful situations. Imagine the thermostat on your heating system. If it is set too high it will keep coming on  all the time and the rooms in your house will heat up and become unbearable, you would be quite uncomfortable and sweating, unable to relax. This is just like your blushing reflex, it needs to be turned down to the correct level. You need to re-calibrate yourself. Each time you are in a difficult situation, slow down, relax and calm yourself which will enable you to gradually adjust the setting and slowly each time you succeed you will move closer to becoming confident in social situations that were terrifying you before.

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