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Public Speaking

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: September 14th, 2020

Public speaking

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This is something that seems to scare many people and I used to be one of them. The reason why it is so terrifying is that you are performing in front of lots of people who you may or may not know well. There really is no logic to this fear that most people feel when giving a presentation or speech. Let me show you how you can acquire confident public speaking skills.

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Public speaking is very much a question of self confidence. But how can you look and feel confident when faced with the challenge of giving a presentation or speech to a large number of people? Firstly, feeling and thinking confidently are connected. What’s more if you feel confident it will show and the reaction you get from your audience will be a positive boost to your confidence which will spur you on to success.

Feeling more confident while speaking in public

One way you can feel more confident is by using the correct body language and poses that give the appearance of confidence.

How to overcome The fear of public speaking

Let’s start with the problem though. The fear of public speaking. What can you do about this? Try the following to improve your public speaking skills:

  • If you have to speak in public then rehearse well and have all the information, notes etc. in advance so that you will feel well prepared.
  • Go over the event in your mind and see yourself coping with the situation well and foresee any potential problems you may have but see yourself dealing even with those with complete confidence.
  • See the speech or presentation as a challenge, a positive opportunity to improve yourself.
  • Learn to slow down when you are under stress, most people panic and rush ahead but you need to calm yourself and slow down, this will look more confident. If you think you look more confident you will feel more confident
  • Always smile and you will look and feel more confident.
  • Learn to relax your muscles and remove tension from your body. Here is a wonderful relaxation technique that will help you with public speaking.

Learn the skill of public speaking

Most people who give speeches or presentations confidently have learnt the skill. Just think of it as a skill you need to learn and with practice you can be a confident speaker too. Be sure of this. There are many different techniques you can use to help you through the experience of public speaking and I would like to suggest you use affirmations (repeating positive things over and over to yourself), self hypnosis can also be used very effectively. Check out the following information about self hypnosis and learn more about how it can help you with this and many more problems.

Your problem could be connected with fear of failure and if so remember that if you concentrate on failing you most probably will. Think about and convince yourself that you can do this successfully. Visualize yourself as a successful public speaker and see yourself handling the situation skillfully and confidently. Focus and you will succeed.

Maybe you have a problem with shyness if so then this is something to work on too. I’ve faced this problem for many years and you can overcome it like I have but you have to face it and beat it.

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