How to Make Progress in Self Improvement

I’ve received a number of emails recently saying:

I’ve read books, I’ve tried self help programs yet I can’t seem to make progress…

Do you have difficulty making the changes you want in your life? Have you tried but failed to see the results that all those books and courses promise? Let me help you begin to make progress in self improvement …

The Problem of Self Help

First of all, I want to tell you that self help works. There is hope. If you’ve bought books or courses that have promised you sweeping changes and big improvements in your life then studied them closely only to find that at the end you are no better off than you were at the start…

You need to look at why this happens.

The problem is not with the material you have bought, (there is some rubbish out there but the vast majority of books and courses at least contain something that can help you), the problem is with your thinking. Here are a few mistakes we all fall into. Which ones have stopped you from succeeding?

The Magic Wand

When you see that new book offering you the promise of a big change in your life it is tempting to think that all you need do is buy it, read it and you’ll be changed forever. Ever found yourself believing that?

No book or course is a magic wand. Nothing can change you except you. A book or course can change your way of thinking or motivate you to change but you decide what to do after you have read it or followed along.

This common attitude sets many people up to fail before they have even opened their carefully chosen self help book.

Don’t fall into this trap. The book or course is a guide, a tool which can help you if you allow it to.

I need to learn more

Whatever the problem – improving your self esteem, beating depression or even growing your business you may be thinking that what you need is to learn more. Learning and understanding is, of course, an important step on the road to success but maybe what stands between you and progress is not knowledge but something else…

I’ll tell you in a minute what I think is stopping you from succeeding…so keep reading.

This attitude is part of our modern culture where we need to keep getting more and more and if we stop we think we are falling behind. Does this constant searching and reading and learning without success sound like you? If so, you’re not alone.

There is a Formula

Many books and courses recommend a formula which can also make you think that all you need to do is find out what that formula is and follow it and success is guaranteed. The problem with this idea is that everyone is different and your problems are not the same as anyone else’s. How can there be one formula for everyone? How can the author know what steps you personally need to take. These general formula type books have value but you need to adapt them to apply them to your situation.

Following a formula blindly cannot help you improve yourself. First you need to understand what your problem is, why it is happening and what steps to follow. Even better is if the book or course gets you to answer questions or do exercises which help you understand what you need to do to make progress. This is exactly the format I follow in my e-book Self Esteem Secrets and that’s why it is proving to be so helpful.

What is it that is stopping you from succeeding then? Why are you not seeing results?

The answer is…taking action. You haven’t done anything to help yourself by just learning. You need to apply what you know.

So What Can you Do to Make Progress?

Here are a few of my top tips which will enable you to make real progress when you read any self help book or follow a course. These tips will prove invaluable and can help you open up a new world of discovery within you so please keep them in mind when you next read a book or start a course:

  1. Don’t give up on self help books or courses. Change your attitude and expect success before you start.
  2. Write down your goals (what you want to improve) before you start reading.
  3. Make notes as you read
  4. What steps can you take to apply what you learn? Make notes about how to take action
  5. Start a journal and each day write about your experiences and any improvement you made, this will encourage you to keep moving forward
  6. If something didn’t go well think about how you can act next time using the knowledge you have gained from your book or course
  7. Realise that change needs time and hard work as well as commitment. If you buy a book or course make sure you give it time to work and don’t expect results to come immediately
  8. Share your successes with others. Tell your friends or family
  9. Reward yourself when you succeed no matter how small the success was

Before you go, I would like to wish you well and hope that you will use what I have given you here and that hopefully something here has opened your eyes just that little bit wider.

The fact that you are here means that you understand just how important your self esteem is for your success and I know that you are looking for a way to boost your self esteem and confidence that’s why I wrote “Self esteem Secrets” with all the above points in mind so that you can really make progress with it. What would it mean to you to be able to make a real change in your life and enjoy a high level of self esteem and confidence?

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