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Positive Thinking and the Impact it Can Have on Your Life

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
February 10th, 2018 | Updated: December 13th, 2019

Your mind is a lot more powerful than you think. Growing research is starting to prove the many benefits that can come from positive thinking. Not only do optimists tend to have a lot less stress and live healthier lives, but they’re also more inclined to overcome some of life’s setbacks. Though, “looking at the bright side” or finding the “silver lining” may not be your first reaction to coping with the obstacle of life, thinking positively can significantly impact your life for the better.

Positive Thinking Helps in Stressful Circumstances

Start thinking positively. When you’re hit with an especially difficult problem, a little optimism can go a long way to improving your circumstances (or at least the way you feel about them). Pessimists tend to dwell on the negative, what’s wrong, what can’t be changed, etc. This line of thinking leads to increased stress and no productive solutions for how to deal with the problem. End negative thoughts and improve your life.

Positive thinking can help you to see your circumstances for what they are, review what you can control and change, and give you the motivation to move past this especially stressful situation.

Positive Thinking Can Enhance Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is something everyone should be focused on regularly. It is only through continual learning and change that you’re able to be the best version of yourself. The sheer thought of, “I can do it”, can drive you to master things that a defeated attitude won’t help you with. Whether you’re contemplating going to Casa Capri recovery program for a bad drug habit, or trying to work on your professional skills so you can land that promotion, positive thinking is half the battle. When you believe in your mind that you have the ability to be and do better, everything else seems to fall into place and the drive you need to persevere is somehow manifested within.

Positive Thinking Boosts Confidence

If you’re suffering from low self-esteem one of the first things recommended is to change the way you think. When you look at yourself and pick out everything that is wrong, essentially you begin to feel worse about yourself and your ability to get things done. However, if you flip the script and start making positive affirmations about yourself like, “I am worthy”, “I can accomplish this”, “I am attractive”, you start to feel it and therefore act on those positive thoughts.

Positive Thinking Can Boost Your Immune System

If you knew that having good thoughts regularly would improve your immune system, would you be willing to think positively? Well, studies are increasingly finding that when you’re happy, the body releases super disease-fighting chemicals that can help to alleviate symptoms for everything from the common cold or flu to cancer.

There’s something about having a positive outlook on life that does the body good. If you’ve been plagued by negative energy, thoughts, and behaviors, it’s time to retrain your brain . Start looking on the bright side of things more often and state positive affirmations regularly to encourage yourself to have good thoughts about who you are and the positive change you can accomplish in your life.

7 thoughts on “Positive Thinking and the Impact it Can Have on Your Life”

  1. Fideline Mboringong

    Been following your for years and have always been encouraged by your messages. Thanks for this article, it just made my day.

  2. Thank you very much for your article. I give personality development coaching and corporate trainings where this article gives inputs into it. Please continue publishing inspirational and motivational ones.

  3. Karl , thanks very much, I usually believe and see the dark side of things around me but after reading many letters of yours on self esteem and positive thinking I come to believe in God’s ability to save and help out and I also believe in my self worth and ability to succeed , move on and see the positive side of things , thanks Karl .

  4. It is really helpful for me to remind myself that I often need to practice to boost my self esteem and I look at the bright side of the future when I face the difficult moments.

  5. Thanks so much Karl, your article is so informative. I feel like a new being who is full of self worth and very proud of me. Thanks.

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