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Positive Pups: How Dogs can Boost Your Self-Esteem and Mood

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: September 5th, 2020

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Dog boosting self esteem of a woman

According to the American Pet Products Association, a company that writes insurance policies for pets,over 85 million families (Mayo Clinic) own dogs in North America. With such a high number of households choosing to take on the responsibility of pet ownership, it is a logical conclusion that there is a benefit to pet ownership. In this article we will learn how dogs can boost your self esteem.

Linking dog ownership to positive self-esteem

Many studies such as this one show a link between dogs and mental health. Dogs are known to be great companions and provide many of us with emotional support and other services. Pets can boost your self esteem and make you happier.

The America Psychological Association found people who own dogs have a better outlook on life, feel better about who they are, and are more likely to care for their overall health. When you feel good, you will have a better attitude about yourself. A positive attitude about yourself will help to boost your self-esteem.

Dogs are always happy to see their family members, giving unconditional love and happiness to everyone that cares for them. Dogs teach you to take responsibility for another living thing, giving you a new purpose for everyday living. What’s more, people who have dogs also are more physically active thanks to the time and effort it takes to walk and play with your pooch.

Which dogs can boost self esteem the most?

Finding the right breed for you will take some research. Check out this helpful resource to find out more about which dog breed will be the best choice for your needs. 

Books and internet research are great ways to learn the pros and cons of dog breeds that you are considering. If you need a little help getting started, consider some of the following self-esteem boosting breeds to find the right one for your personal needs.

Beagles are the best

Beagles work well for people and families who want to get out more. They will help to keep your energy high and snuggles long. It’s not difficult to see how dogs can boost your self esteem when you experience the love of a Beagle.

The beagle can help to keep you happy by giving lots of love and pleasure to everyone he sees. You will never be lonely around this breed around.

Collies are great companions

Collies not only make great companions, but they are incredibly loyal and will quickly take the position of your best friend. They are quick learners and will always protect the ones they love. They love long walks and will work hard to make sure you always feel your best.

Bulldogs love to lounge

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If your idea of a good time is to kick back on the couch with your best friend and watch movies, then a bulldog is your breed. This breed will love to do what you do. They’re funny, playful, and a little lazy (which is a good thing). Having a bulldog around will always put a smile on your face.

Golden Retrievers have golden reputations

Golden Retrievers are the most even-tempered, friendly dogs you can find. They are very active and extremely kind. 

Golden retrievers have a silly personality that people naturally want to be around. These dogs will help you make friends, keep in shape, and quickly build your self-esteem.

Loving labradors

Labradors are loving, kind dogs that want to spend all their time making you happy. They love to play, cuddle, and lay around. These breeds are very intelligent and understand the importance of always being gentle. Labradors can make you feel good on your worst days.

Playful pugs

Pugs are fun to look at and to be around. They are always doing something to make you smile. Because they hate to be away from you, they will follow you around and give you all their attention. 

Pugs are playful but do not mind being a couch potato. These little dogs will charm their way into your heart and help our days happier.

How to choose the right puppy and train them properly

Learning about which breeds will help to boost self-esteem is the first step in finding the right puppy for your home. Some other things to consider are if you prefer a big dog or a small dog, long hair or short hair, and what energy level is going to fit your lifestyle best. If you are unsure about any of these questions, you may want to spend time at a local shelter or with friends who own dogs to acquaint yourself with different types of dogs.

In particular, you need to look at the puppy’s ability to learn. Intelligent breeds will have an easier time picking up on commands, bathroom expectations, and routines. If you are willing to put in the extra time, breeds that are not known for their ease of training could be a good fit your you. 

Teaching your new puppy will be exciting, and you will feel an increase in your self-esteem every time your dog learns something new.

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