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Self Esteem Poems

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: December 3rd, 2020

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I hope that these self esteem poems will help motivate you. According to this study published in 2011, reading poems can help improve self-esteem. Most of these self esteem poems were sent by readers of this website and my newsletter.

If you have any poems of your own then please send them to me and I will publish them on this page or in the newsletter.

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Broken Jar: A Poem about being broken. this jar represent your broken self worth which self esteem poems can help repair

Here I lie, a broken mind
Yearning to be free
Actions and thought struggle to be in tandem
Its a broken jar
I carry on like a bull on ice
Piercing with thrust of a broken arrow in water
I yell and kick,but my strength have the weight of a withered leaf in mid air
Its a broken jar
A phalanx of great silence penetrates the dark, sending chill shiver to my already depleted bones
Its a broken jar
Now I sit back, looking over the horizon, drowning my sorrows in the sands of time
The sun finally sets, with my misty eyes I could see as never before
I could finally break a smile, reminiscing all the beautiful moments with those I love
I hear my heart racing to eternity, and I could finally say
We have come a long way
Let’s go break this vacuum
Its a broken jar

Okoroafor Chinonso——-to those I love

In your eyes. A Positive Poem.

In your eyes soo sweet, I read the dream of man

In your eyes soo transparent I see again all other eyes

The blue of the rivers, the white of the mountains, the green of the meadows,

The red of the fires and stars

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The eyes of another world, the eyes of the universe.

– Ester

Earth Day – A Poem To Build Courage And Self Esteem

Written by Jane Yolen (age 6)

I am the earth and the earth is me
each blade of grass, each honey tree, each bit of mud and
stick and stone is blood.

Muscle skin and bone and just as I need
every bit of me to make my body fit.

So earth needs grass and stone and trees and
things that grow here naturally
that’s why we celebrate this day.

That’s why across the world we say as long as life
like a deer is free.

I am the earth and the earth is me.

“What would I do, if I knew that I could not fail?
If I believed, would the wind always fill up my sail?
How far would I go? What could I achieve,
trusting the hero in me?

If I were brave, I’d walk the razor’s edge,
where fools and dreamers dare to tread.
I’d never lose faith, even when losing my way.
What step would I take today, if I were brave?
What would I do today, if I were brave?
What would I do today, if I were brave?”

Jana Stanfield

Self Esteem 

“Why would you want to be someone that you are not?

When you could be better by being yourself.

Why pretend to walk in someone else’s shoes?

When you have something they haven’t got.

Just cheating yourself of the life you have to live

Deprives others of that only which you can give.

But you have much more to offer by being just you.

Trying to live the life of another is a mistake.

It is a masquerade, nothing more than fake.”


Today I Will Have Courage To Be Me

“Today I will have courage
To do one thing that is new
I will be kind to another
And to myself be true
Today I will remember
The blessings that are mine
I’ll live the day with confidence
And for me the sun will shine”

(Unknown author)

“I will not die an unlived life

I will not live in fear

of falling or catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days,

to allow my living to open me,

to make me less afraid,

more accessible;

to loosen my heart

until it becomes a wing,

a torch, a promise.

I choose to risk my significance,

to live so that which came to me as seed

goes to the next as blossom,

and that which came to me as blossom,

goes on as fruit.”

-Dawna Markova

Friends Give Us Strength

Friends are quiet angels
Who lift us to our feet
When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly
They stand by us and give us
the strength to try

Friends are quiet angels
Who somehow make you see
The light that’s in the darkness
before the dawn
All at once the journey’s not so long

But it’s the laughter and the fun
Sometimes the feeling that we’re one
All the tears we cry together you and I
That will keep us heart to heart
as time goes by

Friends are quiet angels
Who fill your life with grace
Thrilled to share your joy
when a dream comes true
And on this special day
I’m blessed ’cause I can say
I’ve found a quiet angel
You’re a special angel
I found a quiet angel in you

The first three lines of this poem were written by Lorraine K. Mitchell.

Written by Corinne Rodriguez (

My message: Your friends are one of the most precious assets you possess, never forget them and treat them well. Be thankful for them always for they are truly your angels.

Treasures in life

There are treasures in life, but owners are few
Of money and power to buy things brand new
Yet you can be wealthy and feel regal too,
If you will just look for the treasures in you.
These treasures in life are not hard to find
When you look in your heart, your soul, and your mind.
For when you are willing to share what’s within,
Your fervent search for riches will end. The joy and the laughter, the smile that you bring;
The heart unafraid to love and to sing;
The hand always willing to help those in need;
Ones quick to reach out, to labor and feed. So thank you for sharing these great gifts inside;
The caring, the cheering, the hug when one cried.
Thanks for the energy, encouragement too,
And thank you for sharing the treasures in you. Unknown Author

My message: Your success and happiness is inside you. You are different from everyone else on this planet. You are priceless.

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A More Confident You CD Audio

If you think you are beaten, you are
If you think you dare not, you won’t,
If you like to win, but don’t think you can
It’s almost a cinch you won’t.
If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out in the world you find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will
It’s all in a state of mind. For many a game is lost
Ere even a play is run,
And many a coward fails
Ere even his work is begun. Think big and your deeds will grow
Think small and you’ll fall behind
Think that you can and you will
It’s all a state of mind. If you think you are out-classed, you are
You’ve got to think high to rise
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize

Life battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the fellow who thinks he can

Author Unknown


My message: Attitude is the most important thing that can help you. Think “I can..” and you will…These self help poems will surely help you!

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If life seems at its lowest ebb,
Because a day’s gone wrong.
Let not your heart be troubled,
For a new day soon will dawn.
And we can never be quite sure,
Just what it has in store.
Since each one is so different,
Than the one just gone before. As it penetrates the darkness,
With its soft and tranquil beams.
It calms even the most restless soul,
And brings new hopes and dreams. So when a day’s been troubled,
And the night is dark and long.
Lift up your fallen spirits,
For a new day soon will dawn. Author Unknown

My message: There is ALWAYS hope no matter how bad it seems. Please don’t give up – decide now to take a step to help yourself. If you have understood how important it is for you to build your self esteem reflect on the message in these delightful self esteem poems that I have presented to you today.

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Photo of Karl Perera, MA, DipLC Karl Perera is a fully qualified Life Coach (DipLC), Teacher (MA) and author of Self Esteem Secrets. He has taught at various universities including Durham, Leicester and Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. He has run since 1997 and is an expert in Self Esteem and Self Confidence.

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  1. Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC

    That’s fine Monowara as long as you cite the website as your source.

  2. Monowara

    Hi there,
    After losing my career, voice, swallow amongst other things I have finally made a fresh start with a start-up online business. I am on social media and particularly active on Instagram. The self- help poems on your website have helped me remain positive and believe in myself. I would like to post something about it on my Instagram and quote the poem ‘a new day soon will dawn’ Author is unknown. I will quote this poem and credit it as ‘Author unknown’ and found on your website ( I’ll quote your URL in my caption on Instagram). I believe this is permitted and the correct way to cite something online. However, I’d like to ask for your express permission. Please let me know if this is acceptable.

  3. karl perera

    Lorraine, thank you for commenting. I have cited you as the author of the first three lines of the poem about angels. Please check it and let me know that is OK.

  4. Lorraine

    Hi there….

    I can’t remember if I responded to you, but my quote is in fact listed on your site. It is the first stanza of the quiet angel poem. (Song) The song writers used it. They received the quote in an email and added lyrics and produced a wedding song. This fact is stated on a few of their websites.

    So, you may add my name as the author of origin to my quote. Thank you, Lorraine

  5. karl perera

    Thanks Lorraine, are you asking me to publish your inspiring quote? If I do I will of course include you as author.

  6. Lorraine

    Inclusion of acknowledgement of Authorship of literary property:

    On Monday morning, October 23, 2000. I received an email from a friend.

    It was those adorable baby pictures by the photographer – Anne Geddes.

    I had needed and had been greatly supported in every way by my friends and my family doing that period of my life.

    I was extremely grateful and thankful that morning… so in honor of my love for my special friends who had stood by me, I wrote:

    “I Believe Friends are Quiet Angels who lift us to our Feet when our Wings have Trouble Remembering how to Fly.”

    And signed the quote Lorraine K Mitchell with the date and sent the emails to the three of them.

    Within the the next few days every email I received from any and everyone had my quote attached to it, which shocked me to the utmost.

    One of my friends said that I should be honored that so many found my words so beautiful and encouraging. I wept and grieved.

    (I recognized the strength and value of the words God had given me that morning. And I felt as though I had lost my child to the world. My heart weeps for my quote daily because the world refers to me as unknown. But I am here. I am alive. And I desire for my words to know their mother. I am an artist.)

    But, the very next year was nine-eleven… and my quote took on a new life of its own. It was posted everywhere, even in a half page article in the New York Times accompanying a beautiful picture of a fireman with a nine-eleven victim. The image of an Angel stood just above them. The photographer received credit, but I was listed as anonymous.

    I’ve been told over the years that I have the gift of the written word, although I couldn’t believe it. I shied away from the compliments.

    On the other hand my child, my quote has confirmed the power of my gift over and over for the last 16 years.

    But lately I’ve been troubled.

    My child, my quote is being sold all over the internet in various forms, on small rocks, sliver jewelry, plagues, wall hangings, and on ugly t-shirts.

    I’ve found organizations in and outside of the United States that are also using the quote. Associations, fund raisers, school teachers, bloggers have used the quote for their website titles, and two women have claimed the quote as their own. A song writing team has written a wedding song.

    I’ve found My quote to be listed as the number one used quote on one website and as number 15 on another as the most requested and used.

    And my quote has been used in the introductions and acknowledgements of over 26 books/text written since 2002.

    Although, there is an author that I found that readily admitted the quote was forwarded to him in an email by his friend and he gave praise to the strength of the quote by the anonymous author.

    But, at least he acknowledged what he knew of my quote’s lineage.

    This Friday, I wept uncontrollably seeing it yet again flashed in my face. Now, I am claiming my child, my quote and bringing her home.

    My name is Lorraine K. Mitchell.
    I am African American.
    I am an author.

    I am the author/owner and have the legal copyrights of the quote(s) written on Monday morning, October 23, 2000.

    No versions of this quote(s) may be used without the legal and written consent of this author.

    “Versions 1 and 2”

    “I Believe Friends are Quiet Angels who lift us to our Feet when our Wings have Trouble Remembering how to Fly.”

    “I Believe Friends are Quiet Angels who lift us up when Our Wings have Forgotten how to Fly.”

    Peace be with you all.

    Please post my name as the author of origin.

    Thank you

  7. Susana Bosuh

    Thank you for sharing the poems. They have a positive message. They are empowering.

  8. Mari Carmen Blanes

    Thank you Karl for the positive messages. They bring me happiness. I need to read about self-esteem. At this moment in life if I don’t learn new self-esteem strategies I won’t get to the next step. I’m sure my depression will improve if I know more self-esteem strategies. I’ll be reading

  9. Hello! Dr. Perera
    I don’t know what to say you are an amazing person! Thank you for your messages and wonderful poems.

  10. Beverly Maega

    how beautiful and emotional are the poems, I really love them and encouraging.

  11. Juliet

    Dear Karl, ever since I have subscribed for the newsletter on self esteem I have always enjoy reading them and the inspiring message it brings along. Thanks for always giving me the tips and the word to believe and love me. Happy 2016

  12. Richard

    I am having problems with some nasty people now but with the help of karl I have already won the battle in my mind.

  13. Grace Maina

    Dear Karl, your inspirational messages have moved me quite a bit in building my self esteem. I no longer entertain the vocabulary of I cannot and this has seen me tackling things I would not have dared in the past. Am so grateful and want to continue being inspired by you. The poems are good. May God bless you in this year and endow you with more to inspire us.


  14. Richard

    Ps in your previous email you said I can stop what was stopping me. I DID IT !

  15. Richard

    Thank you karl, I feel I have enough confidence in me now to conquer the world thanks to you. I would like to still receive your e letter because they are very inspirational and help me maintain my self esteem.
    a million thanks

  16. Hi! all those poems are nice but most of them do not respect the literary norms of poems.We hope that it will be better for writers to be more and more serious Regards.

  17. namusuwa sarah

    Thank you so much karlpeters,I With great pleasure appreciate your message and i have found it appropriate to always behave oneself and believe in oneself because with that we are able to discover our hidden talents. thx n merry Christmas and happy new year

  18. Getachew

    Thank You very much!
    Happy Christmas Day for you and your family too.

  19. It’s just great to be oneself for if there are many duplicates, how will the world be? Happiness is an inside job. Thanks for uplifting me.

  20. It’s just great to be oneself for there are many duplicates, how will the world be. Happiness is an inside job. Thanks for uplifting me.

  21. dinesh

    Thank you so much Mr Karlparera for great uplifting, positive thinking words.

  22. thank you for yuor message it really helpful

  23. I found my Epithany Moment a while ago …. Keep Looking, It’s there

  24. Taimur

    Sir you are my teacher.I read your every mail with fully attention that built more self esteem, How to live and face in difficulties.
    I have no poem but two sentences from “Alama-Iqbal”
    “You are a eagle,your work is fly
    You have also more stars,in front of you”
    Allah give you more and more Happiness,Amin.

  25. Dr. Jacob Omede

    God bless you Karl. You are a wonderful blessing to me and other readers through your inspiring and tantalising articles on self esteem. I am being built by your write ups. Be blessed.

  26. Thank you so much Karl for great uplifting, positive thinking words. You are very courageous and you always make my day each time I receive your mails. May God bless you

  27. Rosemary

    One person can make a difference and every person can try.

  28. Thank you for your positive, encouraging articles from your depths of wisdom and knowledge… I’ve been richly blessed through your mails

  29. patricia

    Thanks making me better. learning to be me . forgiving myself and overcoming critism . Thanks for you are my support.

  30. karl perera

    Please leave a comment or write your own short poem about self esteem

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