Creating optimism – being optimistic is easy

Like most people you probably find that you are often very negative and even have difficulty seeing things from a positive perspective. I sometimes have to work at being optimistic and, like you, perhaps optimism does not come easily. If you are an optimist then you are lucky, but I think that chances are if you’re reading this, negative self talk is something you do regularly. On this page I hope to help you understand self talk and how to reduce it so you can feel much better about yourself. Your self esteem will improve if you can talk to yourself in a more positive way.

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If you want more positive results, or more good things or if you are looking for an improvement in your life then it is a must that you become more optimistic. Optimism can become easier for you and I’ll try to help you to show how that is possible. Remember, that you attract into your life things that reflect your thoughts and so it is very important that your thoughts are positive and helpful. Negativity also makes it likely that your self esteem and confidence will suffer.

In this website the focus is self esteem and if you read some of the many pages available here you will quickly discover why it is so important to you and how to raise it. It all revolves around how you think about your world and how you see yourself fitting in it. How you see the value of your contribution is also important. Optimism brings about an increase in self confidence because the way you see yourself will improve. This will enable you to be stronger and more successful. So how can you be more optimistic?

Please don’t believe that just by correcting all your thoughts or words form negative to positive will work on its own. You also need to actually change your behaviour and actions to reflect your thinking, and consider the world and the situations you face in a slightly different way, in a better way. Here is one great way to change your thinking and introduce optimism into your life:

What if …..?

Often we worry about what might go wrong, but with a small change in your thinking pattern why not ask what if, and follow with something positive. Instead of asking “what if everything goes wrong”, say “what if I succeed”, “what if I get the job I’m looking for”, “what if he thanks me for my hard work”, “what if I get the opportunity to do that”. The possibilities are endless. This is real optimism because you are beginning to imagine the possibility of something good happening and possible steps after that. This will change your mindset to a much more successful one.

Optimism should be realistic or it is just a false effort and nothing will result. Just consider that whatever you believe can happen will. Is there any chance you can succeed? No matter what decision or situation you face there is always a small chance at least that you can surprise yourself and others and against the odds manage to be successful. Why not consider what would happen if you succeeded?

At least…

At least is also another phrase you can turn to and use to help you find something optimistic to say. Instead of focusing on my troubles and complaints about my job I can start saying – at least I enjoy teaching, at least I have friends, at least we can laugh, at least I like the area where I work and so on. It is much better than beating yourself up with negative self talk.

Creating optimism is not always easy but following just a few steps as outlined above can be a start in ending your negative thoughts, do it today and let optimism slowly become a part of your life you will happy that you did.

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