Newsletter 9 – January 2003

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Article “Make New Year Resolutions and Boost your Self Esteem” by Karl Perera

Its the New Year yet again! If you make resolutions this year why not focus on making some self esteem boosting resolutions? If you believe resolutions are a waste of time then perhaps this year you could bear with me and try this out. I used to think they were a waste of time also but now I know better.

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to focus your energy on a worthwhile project and make resolutions which will set you firmly on the path towards achieving a higher level of self esteem in the coming year.  Here are my suggestions for some self esteem resolutions:

  • Join a health club and get fit – you’ll feel and look better, your stress will fall – do it now!
  • Decide to spend time on a hobby you enjoy
  • Take up a creative pastime
  • Resolve to work on your self confidence – click here for my review of a course you can take online
  • Find a way to start helping others – if you feel you are contributing your self value will rise!
  • Decide to start spending some time on yourself doing what you like
  • Resolve to stop feeling guilty about saying NO to others. Find the balance, don’t be a slave and don’t be selfish!
  • Resolve to work on your self esteem seriously and don’t be put off by others
  • Decide to take a chance and not analyse everything!
  • Be honest and you will respect yourself for it
  • Find time to pray
  • Stop watching so much junk on TV or in films, find inspiring things to watch and listen to.
  • Decide to be happy no matter what!
  • Read an inspiring self help book – There are many helpful books on self esteem and self confidence. Check out the self help bookstore for my personal selection of the best of these.

These are just a few resolutions you could make to improve how you feel about your self. Think about others you may implement.

I received an email a month or two ago claiming that self esteem is selfish and that I in fact was encouraging people to become selfish and that I in fact was selfish. This is a common mistake. If you want to improve yourself it is not selfish to look for happiness and self esteem. It is only selfish if you obsess about it and get so wrapped up in yourself you ignore others desires. This is not what I profess. The next newsletter will include an article I will write addressing this point as I think it is very important.

Self esteem is an important matter and is certainly worth your attention in 2003. Give it priority and please look after yourself!

See you next month,

Health and happiness to you and your family in 2003.

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