Newsletter 6 October 2002

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Article: “The Importance of Self Esteem and how it affects you” – by Karl Perera (That’s me)

How important is Self Esteem to you? How does your self esteem affect you and your life? Two very interesting questions! I’ll attempt to answer both in this month’s article. Firstly, the results of the poll on the homepage – I asked “How important is Self esteem to you?”

Extremely Important 56 votes (80%)

Important                    9 votes  (13%)

Quite Important          1 vote    (1%)

Not Important             4 votes  (6%)

So, you agree that Self esteem is extremely important but why is it and how does it affect you?

  • Self esteem is closely linked to your success. Low self esteem makes you see everything negatively
  • Your self esteem affects how you relate to others and how you present yourself – vital in relationships and at work
  • Self esteem and self confidence are bound together
  • Low self esteem will cause you to under-estimate your abilities and you will expect to fail
  • Low self esteem can lead to depression, indecision and inaction – a vicious circle of defeat 
  • High self esteem and your happiness are inextricably linked
  • Working on your self esteem is always time well spent – few people have permanently high self esteem
  • A high level of self esteem will help you to value and respect others more, improving your relationships

These are just a few points to show you just how important self esteem is and how it can enlighten or wreck your life in so many areas. Think about it, it’s vitally important that you try to improve your self esteem and self confidence. Your self esteem shows itself to others as your self confidence and this will help you make friends, make business and make more of yourself in every situation. 

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Here’s a few tips on how to increase your level of self-esteem:

1.Don’t procrastinate!

2.Set realistic goals

3.Help others succeed

4.Ask for what you want

Good luck with increasing your self esteem! 

Karl Perera

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