Newsletter 4 August 2002

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 “Self Esteem and being true to yourself” by Joe Rossini author of

Want to build high self esteem? Always come through! Be the person who can be counted on. Don’t say one thing and do another. Never break your promise, handshake or commitment. Self respect leads to the respect of others. Respect from others leads to high self esteem. High self esteem is a quality only found in “TRULY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.”

The liars, cheaters and scam artists we read about in the media, may acquire wealth at the expense of others, but they are by no means successful. They have to look at their ugly faces in the mirror each day and usually hate what they stand for. They usually destroy themselves from within, regardless of their bank account balances.

Being proud of yourself and your actions every day, will give you a peace of mind that all the money in the world cannot buy. It will earn you the trust of others that is priceless. You will respect yourself more and treat your body better. Instead of going down the road of self destruction, your persona will beam with self esteem and confidence. Always be trustworthy. Always come through.


“Happiness” by Joe Rossini 

Happiness is a word that probably has more definitions than any other word you can think of. That’s a result of the diversity of people, customs, relationships and mindsets. Everyone seems to strive for happiness in their lives, but it is so slippery and elusive to most people.

I believe this is so because “responsible minded people” are always putting off being happy to some future date. Their excuse is that they never have enough of one thing or another to enjoy being happy right now.

Oh sure, there is that burst of happiness when you get a surprise or spend money on something that you were saving for. But once that moment ends, it’s right back to normal. Time to get back to being angry or disappointed because nothing seems to be going your way.

I believe that if you don’t want happiness to elude you, then start being thankful NOW for all great things about being alive, that you take for granted every day. Savor the moments of a great meal with some nice music playing in the background. Or indulge in some quiet time or conversation with your loved ones, reminding each other how fortunate you are to be loved by someone else.

How about finding happiness in indulging yourself in an exercise program that is good for your body as well as your attitude. Or even giving your pet a hug and a scratch on their head that turns them into butter.

You see there are so many little things that really make us happy. We just have to be aware of what they are and write them down to remind us not to skip over these precious moments. Turn these happy actions into habits by making their accomplishment a priority on your to-do list every day. Stop putting off what makes you happy until the moment is perfect. Nothing is ever perfect so stop waiting to be happy.

Then make sure you are careful. Because happiness is contagious and you may be happy most of the time and others may think you are weird. In that case, just give them a copy of this article to read. .

There’s a great selection of books available at the more-selfesteem bookstore which will help you in the right direction towards happiness. Attitude is everything and I’ve chosen books which will change your attitude! Take a look now!

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