New Year, New Self-Motivation Goals

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We’ve all heard the expression “New Year, new you,” but as cliche as it seems, many people take the new year as a means of starting over with a fresh slate. Old resolutions and failures get tossed aside in favor of new ones that  better align with your goals (hopefully). After all, the past year has been a learning experience and over time, your needs and wants change. For some, the calendar flipping to January 1st is a motivator, it’s the perfect time to start over and start working toward a better year, one day at a time. It’s also important to reassess as we approach the end of January. Were your goals too easy or too aggressive? Now is the time to make the adjustments.

A Brand New Start

Regardless if it’s the start of the year or a turning point in your life, put the negativity aside and embrace the new start that lies in front of you. Make a list of the things that you want to achieve and the steps that you need to take to do them. Perhaps it’s saving for a house down payment or learning a new skill. Or maybe, you’ve been dreaming about a kitchen upgrade. Regardless of what you want, create a mood board or list so you can break your big goal into achievable pieces.

Encourages You to Embrace Changes

Self-motivation is a powerful factor in making changes. It doesn’t matter what those changes are. If you feel like you’re living a Groundhog Day life, you already know that something’s gotta give. But those changes don’t just automatically happen, you have to want them and that’s where self-motivation comes into play. Here are some common goals that people look to:

  • Be More Positive – negativity can bring you down. Instead, focus on being positive and happy with who you are. Some days, being positive can take more willpower and awareness. Although it’s how you feel internally, a great way to help you feel more positive is to show your personality with what you’re wearing. The key is choosing clothes that flatter your body and make you feel good. If a comfy, stylish pair of leggings with a chic top make you feel great, rock them! Or perhaps it’s a great pair of heels or your favorite tee. Whatever your style, don’t be afraid to wear what you love. It’s one step towards being more positive.  
  • Start a New Business Venture – With the new year being a fresh slate of sorts, what better time to focus on making your goals of being an entrepreneur come true? Do you have an innovative idea that will improve the quality of others’ lives? You need self-motivation to get you through the initial setup because there’s a lot more to starting a business than just getting a website. When reality sets in and you’re swamped in mundane tasks, that self-motivation is what is going to continue to drive you towards success.
  • Lose Weight – this is undoubtedly one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and it comes from a strong desire to change your body, whether you’re looking to drop the pounds or tone up. It’s also one of the most abandoned resolutions because the self-motivation wanes after a few days, weeks or months. You need that self-motivation, and more importantly, self-discipline, to make sure you stay on target with your goals.

Putting Self-Motivation to Work

Self-motivation is an excellent tool to have in your belt because it means you have the drive to get things done. If you don’t act on your thoughts and take the steps to improve your life, you’re essentially letting this motivation wane. Instead, take the dedication you’re feeling right now and put it to work.

  • Be Thorough In Outlining Your Goals – A well-thought-out plan will yield the benefits you’re desiring. If your goal is to start a new business, don’t just jump in feet first. Be thorough and outline not only your ultimate goals but how you expect to get there. Consider each step you have to take and the tools that you’ll need to complete them. Seeing forward progress will help keep you motivated.
  • Get an Accountability Partner – While your motivation is definitely a driving factor, consider that there’s strength in numbers. Partner up with someone who shares the same goals and outlook as you do and hold each other accountable. You don’t have to pester each other, but a weekly check-in does wonders and eliminates the potential for creating excuses not to move forward.
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