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The Importance of Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: August 1st, 2020

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It’s essential to understand the importance of self esteem. Writing about this topic for over 20 years, it’s clear that many people do not understand why self esteem matters so much.

Self esteem affects your behavior and how you value yourself. Low self esteem causes a lack of confidence and negative feelings which can impact your academic, personal and career success. In addition, your level of self esteem can affect your relationships and your social communication skills.

Can you imagine anything else so important? However, how self esteem affects your thoughts and feelings depends on many factors which we will look at in this article. We will also talk about how self esteem affects your confidence and ultimate success, because it’s more complex than you would imagine. Everyone is unique, so read on to learn how this applies to you.

Why Should Self Esteem Matter to You?

  • Self esteem can be the difference between success and failure
  • Esteem can affect your thinking, causing your outlook to be positive or negative
  • Esteem affects your confidence
  • Your improved mindset will enable you to make better decisions
  • It affects your body image and shame
  • It affects your social skills vital for effective communication
  • If you do not value yourself how will you be able to value others?
  • It will affect how you take care of yourself
  • Self esteem enables you to have the right attitude to succeed at work
  • It affects your happiness because it can cause you to compare yourself with others

Let’s take a moment or two to look a bit more closely at what I’ve said above – and then I hope that you will appreciate the importance of self esteem.

Self Esteem and Success

Your potential to achieve what you most desire is directly related to your self esteem. This may be because those with higher self esteem are more likely to accept criticism as positive feedback. If someone has takes criticism badly they are more likely to give up.

One area where consistent effort is needed for success is in education. Therefore, students with higher self-esteem have more academic success (source: IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior).

As they say, you can if you believe you can – I’ve written this so you can understand how only you decide what is possible for you and what isn’t.

On the other hand, failure is much more likely when you suffer from low self esteem because you will believe others when they tell you why you cannot succeed. Let’s be honest, there is never any shortage of these negative people!

Low self esteem increases your motivation (source: Science Daily). It will also make you more likely to give up on anything that seems difficult.

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So, work on building your self esteem, by checking these inspiring words I’ve collected to guide and encourage you towards success. This is going to be much easier, after you read this.

The Importance of Positive Thinking

Do you realise the importance of positive thinking? It’s just so much less stressful and joyful to live positively.

In my experience, thinking negatively makes it more likely that things will go wrong, and if I worry things are going to turn out badly, they usually do.

I have some great advice to increase your esteem and become more positive. This will benefit you in every area of your life.

Your Self Esteem Affects your Self Confidence

Self esteem is accepting and respecting who you are, self confidence is believing in your ability to do things and overcome challenges. It is easy to see why the two are connected closely. They belong together!

Self esteem affects your confidence get the tips that have taken me years to work out through experience, I had success with them, so will you!

Without confidence in what you can do, and in who you are, what chance do you have of happiness or success? If you want to rise to any challenge you must believe in yourself.  And if you can’t believe in yourself, how will you be able to trust and believe in others?

Want to increase your confidence and feel much better about yourself?

One excellent and sure-fire way to do this is by using an amazingly successful technique called self hypnosis. I’ve used self hypnosis myself and can promise you it works! So, how can you learn more about how to use self hypnosis to feel better about yourself?

I’ve put together this helpful page to show you how you can use self hypnosis audios for self esteem and confidence. The company that produces these downloadable audios is Uncommon Knowledge and is highly trusted.  

Your Mindset Affects your Decisions

One thing I learned a long time ago was that it is impossible to make good decisions with a negative mindset.

The reverse is completely different. A positive and confident attitude will enable you to see things in perspective and make decisions that will move your life forward in a positive direction.

Self esteem and self confidence are the foundations of a positive outlook on life and are important weapons to have to face the challenges and problems that live throws at you.

Your Body Image Affects How Confident You Feel

self esteem fact of the day

Body image is part of the respect you have for yourself. A negative body image can cause so many other negative emotions that will destroy your mindset and confidence.

It is a sad fact that a study by Dove in 2010 found that only a small minority of women liked the way they looked. 

Poor body image may be linked to low self esteem. Whether it is a cause or an effect is not clear, perhaps it could be both. This suggests that more women need to develop a more positive view of themselves and understand that beauty is not only on the outside but also comes from within.

Increased self esteem will benefit women, helping them to value themselves, accept their strengths and “see” the beauty they have. It is easy, especially with a lack of confidence, to focus on the imperfections in appearance, which may be completely imaginary.

Your Social Skills May Suffer

Self concept is another important part of how you feel about yourself. Low self esteem means that you will have a poor image of yourself and this will result in a loss of confidence. As a result, your social skills may also suffer and you might find it harder to socialize because others will respond negatively to your lack of confidence.

Poor social skills will limit your career advancement, depending on the kind of work you do. Most jobs nowadays demand high level communication skills and a confident manner in addition to the right mindset for business growth.

With some effort, though, you can improve your self image, I explain how on this post filled with my very best and most successful tips.

Do You Value Yourself?

Value yourself, your ability and your contribution in the world because you are unique. Do you understand this? You cannot value and respect others unless you first value and respect yourself. In order to help you with this learn to put yourself first for a change.

Prioritizing Self-Care Keeps You Healthy and Motivated

Self esteem is important because without it you will not make taking good care of yourself a top priority. If you respect and value yourself, you will devote time and effort to self-care.

What exactly is self-care? I do have a page where I explain this in more detail, go take a look. Basically, self-care is ensuring that you take care of your health by doing enough regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. It also involves ensuring you take care of your mental health by spending time engaging your mind and body in activities you enjoy. 

Poor self-care is a major sign of depression or low self esteem.

Self Esteem Can Impact Your Attitude at Work

Self esteem will also help you at work. Your confidence and positive attitude will enable you to look and feel your best. You will have no trouble presenting yourself in a favourable light because you will be full of self respect and comfortable with who you are.

The most impressive version of you is the honest and true you. If you have the confidence to express your thoughts and feelings and the ability to communicate your personality and uniqueness, you are more likely to be successful in your job.

Work involves developing relationships and communicating ideas which is only possible if you have an open and sociable attitude. Low self esteem can destroy your ability to relate positively to others professionally. 

Your Happiness Depends on Your Self Esteem

Finally, one last point about the importance of self esteem, and why it matters so much, is because it will help you be a happier person. To find out why read this page about moods and how they affect your thoughts and behaviour.

Click below to get your exclusive bonus checklist “6 ways self-esteem will make you happier and more confident”:

Self esteem is important in your confidence to make decisions


Article: “The Importance of Self Esteem and how it affects you”

(From my sixth Newsletter 2002)

How important is Self Esteem to you? How does your self esteem affect you and your life? Two very interesting questions! I’ll attempt to answer both in this month’s article.

My Research: Poll to my More Self Esteem Newsletter Subscribers

Importance of self esteem research from my newsletter survey

I asked “How important is Self esteem to you?” (Newsletter 6, 2002).

Extremely Important 56 votes (80%)

Important                    9 votes  (13%)

Quite Important          1 vote    (1%)

Not Important             4 votes  (6%)

So, we agree on the importance of self esteem. But why exactly does it matter so much?

  • Self esteem is closely linked to your success. Low self esteem makes you see everything negatively, which affects your mindset.
  • Your self esteem affects how you relate to others and how you present yourself – vital in personal relationships and at work.
  • Self esteem and self confidence are closely connected.
  • Low self esteem may cause you to under-estimate your abilities and you may expect to fail.
  • Low self esteem can lead to depression, indecision and inaction – a vicious circle which includes procrastination and lack of motivation.
  • High self esteem and your happiness are linked because to be happy you need hope, motivation and a positive attitude.
  • Working on your self esteem is always time well spent – few people have permanently high self esteem.
  • A high level of self esteem will help you to value and respect others more, improving your relationships.

The Importance of Self Confidence

These are just a few points to show you how important self esteem is and how it can improve or ruin your life in so many ways. Think about it, it’s vitally important that you try to improve your self esteem and self confidence.

Your self esteem shows itself to others as your self confidence and this will help you make friends, make business and make more of yourself in every situation. 

One of the best ways to boost self confidence naturally is through the highly recommended technique of self hypnosis. Don’t know what it is? I explain more about this amazing technique and show you how you can use it to build your self esteem on this helpful page.

Action Tips for Increasing your Self-Esteem:

  • Don’t procrastinate! The earlier you start the better.
  • Set realistic goals. The best ones are measurable.
  • Help others succeed. By helping others, you open up positive change in your life.
  • Ask for what you want. You don’t get anything until you ask. Everyone can use help and advice.

Good luck with increasing your self esteem! 

Recommended Reading

There are many helpful books on self esteem. Check out my personal selection of the best and most helpful self help books I’ve come across over the years – these are guaranteed to help you!

Please comment below on this article if you found it helpful or have something to add…

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