Ideas You May Not Have Considered to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
December 29th, 2017 | Updated: March 23rd, 2020

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Self-esteem is best described as the level of confidence a person has in their own abilities and worth. Those who have high self-esteem, often find navigating both their personal and professional lives much easier than those who don’t. When you lack confidence in yourself, life is almost lived in constant fear of failure. It can essentially ruin your relationships and stagnate you. At some point, everyone goes through a period in their lives when they need a boost. Knowing how to do it is essentially the challenge. One thing that can give you and your flagging level of self esteem a boost is taking a vacation.

Learn About Your Heritage

In a diverse world, being able to identify with a culture can help boost confidence. Through learning about where you come from, essentially, you learn more about who you are.  Cultural identity provides individuals with a connection to a social environment, religion, values, and beliefs. You, therefore, learn to identify with others who have the same mindsets and background.

Go beyond the family you know and consider investigating your genealogy. To determine your roots, start by looking at recent obituaries where you can find deceased relatives and learn about your past. You can also ask the elders in your family or consider taking a DNA genealogy test which would provide an in-depth look at where your bloodline comes from.

Unplug from Social Media

One of the biggest problems with self-esteem in this digitally advanced world is the use of social media. On social media, individuals can be who they want. Naturally, they post stories and share pictures about the things that are going well in their lives. From the outside looking in, it would appear that your peers and others you relate to or know are doing well. This can result in unfair comparisons of yourself and others.

Though entertaining, a channel for communication and business, too much social media use can be damaging to your confidence. Throughout the day, there should be moments where you unplug and disconnect from the digital social world. Allow yourself to live in the “real world” from time to time where you don’t feel the urge to compare. If scrolling through the profile of others really brings about negative emotions about yourself, you might consider ditching social media for several weeks. But what to do if you suspect you might be addicted to social media, and if it is ruining your self esteem? Here is something that will certainly help you limit your social media use .

Be Mindful of Books and Movies

Entertaining yourself with a good book or flick is a common pastime. However, the types of things you read and watch can have an impact on your self-esteem. Reading lots of fiction books, for instance, can blur the lines between fiction and reality. Romance novels in which the women are described as perfect in relationships that live happily ever after can create the illusion that you too should be perfect. Similarly, watching movies or television shows in which the leading men or women are gorgeous and perfect in every way can cause you to start overanalyzing your own life.

Though it’s okay to read and watch movies and television, it must be done in moderation. The media both print and visual are designed to entertain and play on the imagination. Therefore, when you consume too much of it, you begin to fantasize about what should be in your own life. Instead read non-fiction novels, inspirational pieces, and watch empowering or realistic movies and television shows which have characters you can relate to and learn from.

Self esteem Secrets Book If you are truly serious about building your self esteem, then consider buying a book I wrote especially to help you grow your confidence in everyday situations. I once experienced low self-esteem and depression, and so I wrote a book to help you overcome these problems. To get a copy click here or on the book cover to the left. It is available from Amazon in your region of the world.

Your self-esteem is one of those intangible things that is needed to navigate the ups and downs of life. When you feel less than good about yourself, it is time to put yourself first. By learning about your roots, unplugging from social media, and being mindful of the books and movies you watch, you can ultimately learn to identify more closely with yourself and separate the mind from the impossible, yet perfect pictures society creates today, which in turns helps you to value yourself even more.

There are other factors that can contribute to your level of self-esteem. Your career path is a major factor. Another way to help yourself is to exercise regularly.

Travelling is something that increases both your appreciation of other cultures and ways of life, as well as encouraging independence and a sense of freedom. Give yourself a boost through travelling alone.

If you want to improve all aspects of your life and inner well-being, including confidence and the issues we have covered on this page, then listening to new age music can really help and is something I do often.

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