How to Be a Positive Person Everyone Wants To Be Around

Written by Paisley Hansen
December 15th, 2019 | Updated: March 20th, 2020

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Being fun and positive person is not an easy responsibility. People always have their take on how you should behave and what to say at particular moments. It is also not easy to be the favorite person for everyone within your circle. However, being nice to everyone also makes it easy for you to create and generate lasting friendships. Therefore, it is essential for you to start evaluating your character and work towards fitting various descriptions to accommodate everyone. Here are simple practices to embrace while in the journey of becoming a better you for everyone around.

Stop Complaining

Everyone has personal issues to deal with. Therefore, when you come together with others, it is not your time to start complaining and sharing your problems with everyone. Keep things to yourself, and only bring in conversations that are neutral and engage everyone. The main focus should be to help others forget about their issues and not amplifier them by constantly complaining about your life. When you don’t complain, you will lead a happier life, and everyone will be happy to be associated with you in one way or the other. Ability to talk to others is truly important.

Don’t Brag

It is easy to stop complaining when you have issues to deal with. However, if you are the only person with substantial wealth in the company, bragging or constantly referring to your riches can be tempting. That should not be the case, especially if you want to be the person everyone wants to be around. Avoid intimidating others by talking about your achievements every time. If you must talk about achievements, be the person who notices other people’s efforts and give the praises. Let the others celebrate you and notice your achievements without triggering the conversation.

Additionally, when others offer compliments, be receptive, and appreciate the compliment by simple words. This will make you look humble and genuine all the time. It will also help others to work smarter and try to imitate your hence grow your circle into better heights. 

Don’t Gossip but Listen

There is a thin line between being a listener and a gossiper when in a group of people. There are times when you might think you are giving an attentive ear to a story only to find out that you are part of office gossip and so on. Therefore, keep an open mindset always and ensure you only participate in the right conversations. 

When someone is talking to you, don’t be quick to respond or give your views regarding the matter. Be patient enough and listen to every detail. Ensure to understand every statement and where applicable, give your response. For instance, if someone wants to share their personal experiences with you, don’t be quick to give your opinion regarding the same; after all, it is their story. This will make you stand out, and people will know where to run to whenever they want someone to listen without judging them.

Take Care of Yourself

Your physical appearance is quite critical when it comes to choosing friends. Everyone wants to be around a person that will challenge them with their looks and intellectual performance. Check your diet and where possible block lectins in your diet and keep fit all the time. Being flexible also helps in improving your posture hence make you super confident at all times. 

Speak Up

Whenever you don’t feel good about something, speak up, and share your feelings. People will like you more when they are sure you don’t keep minor issues to yourself, especially if it involves your friendship. When you speak up, you eliminate the possibilities of being skeptical, and you create room for understanding one another. However, while speaking, ensure you are audible enough and avoid yelling to others.

How to Be a More Positive Person

Friendship is not always simple, and there are times when you will not get along. However, if you want to be the person that everyone loves to be around, you must be positive always. Find a reason to see the good in others even when it is not vibrant enough . Influencing others to attract and produce positive results makes you an all-time hang-time pal. When you are positive, it will be easy for you to encourage or motivate others to produce similar results. It also indicates that you are not self-centered, and you are not in the group to show off your abilities. 


Being a better, you should not be a complicated experience. You don’t have to go out of your abilities to make everyone else happy. However, you also need to choose your friends and company wisely for the group to have mutual interests. Although you should not always expect something back, it is essential to always surround yourself with people of the same goals as you. This will help you grow as you also help others to improve, hence build a strong relationship with everyone involved profiting.