How Taking a Vacation Helps with Your Self-Esteem

Written by Paisley Hansen
June 27th, 2019 | Updated: March 23rd, 2020

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Take a vacation and enjoy new-found positivity and happiness

There are a lot of people who struggle with depression on a daily basis, and the symptoms of depression are not a pleasant experience and tend to lead to low self-esteem. Vacation benefits are many, and the best way to kick your low self-esteem in the butt is to go on a holiday. Although most people who are suffering from depression and low self-esteem would like to go on vacation, the truth is, most of them don’t take a vacation often enough.

According to recent surveys and polls online, over half of the respondents reported they don’t take a vacation more than once every five years, and what’s even more shocking is that most reported never taking one at all. On the other hand, a small number reported vacation benefits included forgetting about their low self-esteem, but they also saw improved symptoms upon returning home.

Don’t Take Your Work With You

One of the biggest mistakes people make while going on vacation is taking their work with them. Leaving contact information with coworkers or having your voicemail forwarded is a big no-no. You can’t take a break from your life or enjoy one of the best family cruises of your life if you take your work with you. Work is the number one reason why a lot of people get depressed in the first place, so leave your work at work. This helps you leave your negative thoughts behind and build your self-esteem in a new way.

Taking your tablet or smartphone on vacation is probably going to happen; however, you should break the habit of opening your email while you’re on vacation. All it takes is one email that reveals bad news to send your depression back into overdrive and bring back those negative thoughts that lead to low self-esteem. Taking a vacation to effectively break the cycle of low self-esteem means leaving the digital world behind until you return home and are in a better state of mind to deal with emails and messages from social media platforms.

New Associations Help Build Self-Esteem

Waking up and going to work every day becomes routine and reminds people of their current situation, and it’s usually the reason for their low self-esteem. Vacation benefits not going running into the same people over and over, you make new associations outside of your normal routine. Meeting new people and cultures will bring new experiences, feelings, and emotions that help break the symptoms of depression and these novelties will help build your self-esteem.

Don’t stay in your cabin or hotel room, this can bring mixed feelings, and it’s always better to go out and meet new people. You could end up making some new friends while having a good time, so don’t make the mistake of isolating and enjoy yourself.

Taking a Vacation Can Free Your Mind

Research has shown that experiencing new cultures frees the mind. It helps to break the depressive cycle by being introduced to new people all day long which in turn starts a new cycle of high self-esteem. Taking small steps into something out of our normal routine can be a step in the right direction when it comes to breaking the cycle of low self-esteem. It allows you to be more receptive of other cultures and it creates new ideas. Some of the best-reported vacations for those who suffer from depression were on cruise lines followed by international flights into foreign countries.

Don’t Let Low Self-Esteem Stop You

Depression can magnify problems, play tricks, and impact your brain. It will destroy your self-esteem. It makes people think they don’t have what it takes to go on vacation and keeps them grounded at home where they feel safe; but the truth is, taking a vacation does wonders for those suffering from depression and thoroughly builds your self-esteem back up.

Most people report boosted happiness and self-esteem as soon as they book their vacation and improved moods at home and work leading up to the trip. Reports also showed that the average span of improved self-esteem lasted about 10-12 weeks for most vacationers, so do yourself a favor, and make a change and build your self-esteem by going on a well-deserved vacation.

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