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Can A Hair Transplant Build Self Confidence And Self-esteem?

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: May 7th, 2020

Reviewed by Dr. Ingrid Schweiger, PhD Psychotherapist and Author of Self esteem for a Lifetime

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Whether you have been dealing with hair loss for a significant amount of time or you are just experiencing the early signs of thinning, there is no denying that a hair transplant can help to rebuild self-confidence that has been torn down over time and help to develop a more positive mindset. In this article, we will be explaining in a few simple steps how this style of procedure can benefit you in the long term. 

Removes The Insecurity

One of the biggest benefits to a hair transplant is the fact that they deal with the insecurity hands on. A hair transplant can take hair from the donor area and implant it into the area experiencing hair loss to provide a long-term solution that looks as natural as possible. Though the healing process will take up to 3 months to begin seeing results, this will help to benefit confidence as it removes the insecurity. This discussion by several hair surgeons supports the fact that hair transplantation can aid confidence and reduce insecurity of patients.

Keeps The Natural Appearance Of Hair

Keeping your hair looking as natural is crucial when undergoing a hair transplant as this ensures that the insecurity is removed at all times. By using an FUE or FUT hair transplant, you can then take a number of grafts and implant them at one time, providing a healthy level of growth with a number of grafts that benefit the hair in the long term. Though it will be down to how you style it when it begins to grow, the affected area will fully heal with full growth over time.

Helps To Boost Compliments Received By Others 

Despite what we tell ourselves, compliments that we receive from others are often responsible for our mood. With positive comments having a profound impact on your feelings towards an outfit or an overall look, this can lead to a negative mental attitude if you are insecure about something. Therefore, undergoing a hair transplant can help to remove the insecurity and make way for positive comments on appearance. This will then boost confidence over a prolonged period and allow the newfound confidence to grow and begin to positively affect both work and home life as a result of this. 

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Can Alleviate The Feelings Of Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression are also another two issues that are commonly associated with hair loss and can become more of an issue over time, but how can a hair transplant help this? With a number of benefits such as outstanding care and a full head of hair following the healing process, this can remove the insecurity, thus elevating the stress of anxiety and depression in the long run. Though this may only be temporary for some, this will help to boost overall mood and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will aid in the growth of healthy hair that will last a lifetime.

Whether you have been dealing with hair loss for a while or you are just noticing the early signs of thinning, a hair transplant will then help to boost confidence over time. Though this can differ from person to person, these results can then help to benefit other parts of your life in the long term, making this a worthwhile investment for all. 

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