Finding a Relationship that will Help your Self-Esteem

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
August 13th, 2019 | Updated: March 23rd, 2020

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Written for by Paisley Hansen (July 2019).

Having relationships are very important to us as humans. There are many different types of relationships that we can encounter on a daily basis. We can have toxic relationships, neutral relationships, or healthy relationships. It’s up to us to decide which people are contributing to those different areas in our lives. However, one of the most important relationships that we can have is one that helps with our self esteem. Now we know that self esteem is something that we should have the most control over because it’s an emotion that we have decided is high or low. Relationships can impact our self esteem if we let them. We can have relationships that help with our self esteem from our spouse, family, friends or even strangers.

Supportive Partner 

Having a supportive partner is so important in a healthy relationship. It’s also important to have someone who care about you and see the best in you no matter what. You should have someone that wants to get engaged to you and propose using art deco engagement rings or maybe something more simple. It makes the experience more personal and it also makes you feel as if you are really valued and loved. Having a fiancé or partner that makes you feel good about yourself can boost your self esteem on so many different levels. When you have someone to tell you how beautiful or great you are to them your self esteem rises to the max. When you have a supportive spouse it makes you feel like no one on the outside would’ve even matters and any outside opinions will just go through one ear and out of the other because when you have high self esteem and someone constantly mapmaking you feel great you don’t have to look for it on the outside and you have high confidence. Great confidence and self esteem will allow you to even want to chose better relationships for yourself.

Family Members

Family members are those closest to us that can have an impact on our self esteem. Many people grow up with a supportive family and others do not. Our family opinions about us are extremely important because these are the people that we love the most and that we value their feelings. When a family member is not supportive and speak negatively over our lives it breaks down our self esteem. These are the type of relationships that we feel as if we should never end or let go of because they are our family. Would you rather have a toxic family member that brings you down and hurt your self esteem or you rather have only positive family members in your life that makes life easier to live and have a high self esteem about yourself? Once you let go of negative family members and really embrace the positive family members that you do have you will see life through totally different lenses that will allow you to be a happy high self esteem and confident person.

Helpful Friends

Friends and strangers someone become one. Unlike family we are not born with them and we eventually meet strangers that eventually make their way to becoming our friends. Your friends are supposed to be a reflection of yourself and we glen we chose good friends we chose those friends that will boost our self-confidence and self-esteem because they want to see you do great in life. They support your ideas and dreams and they make you feel like you are on the right path even if you encounter mistakes along the way. Having supportive friends can even replace not having supportive family members and your self esteem would be so high that it wouldn’t matter that those that should have been there for you when the others were not. Surround yourself with relationships that are positive and filled with great energy allows you to keep great self esteem!