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Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
March 18th, 2014 | Updated: March 23rd, 2020

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If you have low self esteem you may not like how you look or you may feel unattractive. This is bad news for your self confidence. You need to act and think differently to feel more attractive.

If you have problems with your self esteem you may have a poor body image and believe yourself to be unattractive or ugly. You may be completely unable to see how attractive you are because of your lack of confidence and negative self image.

What makes a person attractive?

Attractiveness is not just about beauty, it also includes:

  • a presence
  • a nice personality
  • confidence
  • a beautiful smile
  • a sense of humour

It is easy to see that low self esteem can make you a less confident person. You may hide your smile, presence and humour behind nervousness and awkwardness. When you look at a person, you look at more than the surface and some people ooze charm and beauty from the inside which only comes from a positive place. A pretty face and attractive body is great but more than anything these other factors make someone truly attractive.

Why do you feel unattractive?

There are several reasons why you may feel unattractive. As I have mentioned the number one reason is poor self esteem and lack of confidence. Criticism from others may make you feel very negative and this can increase your poor self esteem. For example, because of a poor level of self esteem you may dress in a conservative or way that doesn’t get you noticed. Consequently, your attractiveness may be hidden rather than highlighted.

Perhaps you indulge in self criticism and negative self talk. This constant inner negativity can cause you to feel inferior and unattractive.

If you have suffered from abuse you may have a victim mentality and you may come to feel you are unattractive because of what has happened to you.

You may have suffered rejection in a relationship. You need to deal with this or it can cause you to live in self pity.

If you are in a relationship which is abusive mentally or physically you need to do something. Either end the relationship or seek help to end the abuse (counselling). Read about how relationships affect your self esteem.

How to feel attractive now

There are some things that you can do now to help yourself feel more attractive:

  • Take up exercise – join a gym or start a sport.
  • Smile more. You will feel better and others will respond to you in a positive way. You may even get a compliment that will make your day!
  • Look after yourself. Keep yourself clean and well-groomed. Look after your skin. You will start to glow and others will notice!
  • Lighten up. Make jokes and laugh. Humour is attractive.
  • Talk to yourself positively. You can read all about self talk here
  • Buy something nice to wear that will make you look better. Something that will make you appear more confident.
  • Download this self hypnosis program – feel attractive now – these programs work and I know this from personal experience. This one will help you to feel more attractive quickly and easily, give it a go!

More Information

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