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What’s the number one reason you continue to suffer from low self-esteem?

From a former sufferer of low self-esteem..

Life Coach, Author,
University Tutor, Teacher
and Personal Mentor

Greetings friend,

In just a minute, you’ll discover the number one reason you continue to suffer from low self-esteem. You’ll be surprised when you find out. And, rightly so.

First let’s address your real issues…

Are you sick and tired of:

  • Waking up in the morning dreading the day and feeling like you should just stay in bed?
  • Feeling like nobody appreciates you and most people don’t even seem to think you can do anything right?
  • Feeling unloved and that no-one wants you around?
  • Feeling that you’re not good enough for others to accept you as you are?
  • Struggling to make friends? You find social situations make you feel so nervous you can’t even speak?
  • Knowing you could achieve much more, but you don’t have the confidence to face new challenges?
  • Feeling powerless, like a victim all the time?
  • Feeling trapped just like you’re tied to the tracks and the train’s bearing down on you?

It’s exhausting and it’s taking quite a toll on your life, isn’t it?

However, you don’t have to feel this way anymore. It’s not hopeless and you don’t need to continue feeling

This site is dedicated to empowering you.

First, listen to this and then I’ll reveal the number one reason for your low self-esteem.

For Years, I Suffered from Chronic Low Self-Esteem…

Hello, I’m Karl Perera.

When I was younger, I was desperately shy. I had real problems with blushing,
and not just “regular” blushing. Whenever I even thought of speaking to new people about anything, my whole head would turn beet red. I’m sure people could even see me blushing from behind my back.

My family moved around a lot, so I was constantly trying to learn a new language and fit into new cultural
norms. I moved from country to country every few years. The pressure of always trying to fit in really started to affect who I was at the time.

By the time I reached university, I was so frazzled by the thought of doing presentations and group projects
that my self-confidence problem would get in the way of my ability to study.

I was so nervous and agitated about being wrong and how people would react to me, my school and work started to suffer. I second guessed even what I knew for a fact. Even things I knew about myself.

Because of my inferiority complex, I couldn’t go out. Even shopping meant I would have to speak to people or make decisions with people watching. I hid myself away and felt like a real loser.

Becoming anti-social is the easiest way to lose friends and alienate even your family.

That’s when my negativity piqued. There was nothing I didn’t over analyse and criticise. The combination of my self-criticism, low self-confidence and bad self-image was starting to destroy the life I wanted to build for myself.

I had to conquer my low self esteem. I had no other option.

One day I made a decision to change, and I started to read everything I could about self help.

I wanted to be a speaker and an author. Seems odd, I know, however it was my lifelong dream. I saw other people standing up, making a difference, and doing it with an ease I couldn’t even fathom.

Why was it so difficult for me?

I realized then I needed to:

  • Understand exactly why I felt as low as I did all the time – Where did it come from?

  • Figure out why I was internalizing everything I perceived as negative – The way people looked at me, their comments, their actions… it was literally destroying me.

  • Understand how much harm I was causing myself – Could my perception be wrong?

  • Find effective ways to pause, recognize my negative behavior,and eliminate the obstacles I was creating for myself – I was the only one with the power to do it.

The Results?

Once I understood and used the techniques which worked for me, my confidence grew and I began to see challenges as
opportunities to move forward and succeed.

Now I enjoy meeting people and my relationships are so much better. I have more friends and can rely on them when I feel myself slipping back to where I was before.

I am achieving my goals with ease because I have developed my self confidence.

I no longer miss the opportunities life offers. I am more optimistic and my mind no longer limits me.

Life is finally good!


Can You Imagine How Your Life Would Change If You Had Sky-High Confidence and Self-Esteem?

..if you were confident enough to walk up to people and express yourself without feeling out of their league?

Here’s how my book “Self Esteem Secrets: 12 Steps to Success” will help you:

  • Use the right techniques to improve your self-esteem. Not just any techniques, the ones which actually work,
  • Stop listening to Psycho-Babble and start solving the real issues,

  • Recognize how having a tough childhood or internalizing your parents behavior and words may have severely affected you,

  • Understand there are other reasons why your boss or your spouse seem to target you in every conversation,

  • Most of all, give yourself permission to seek the help you need…

There are many well known strategies and techniques for improving self esteem which have been developed over the years by experts, but how do you know they have really lived through it? It can be really helpful to get the advice of an outside observer, but do they really have the same insight as those who have lived through it?

…Even bottomed out, lived through it and continue to thrive because of it?

After years of being frustrated with “expert advice”, I decided to write my own self esteem

book based on the specifics they were leaving out. What’s more, my self esteem book isn’t written with the publishers in mind. It’s written for you.

I took all my best self esteem information and condensed it into an easy-to-read format. That’s all you’ll find in my e-book: instantly accessible and practical information about proven self-esteem building techniques.

So, What’s the Main Reason You Suffer from
Low-Self Esteem?

Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

What does this mean?

It means people respond to you in the way you expect them to because you act in a way that creates the expected response.

Think about it…

When you predict the way people will react to what you say or do, you start to curb your own personality to fit what you think they expect. You put out a vibe you aren’t to be listened to, you will fail and people will think you are wrong. You hold your body a different way and you avoid eye-contact.

How do you react to people who act this way?

Now think about how you react to people who act confidently, speak their mind and accomplish everything they want to. You don’t think twice about their abilities do you? You also look past their mistakes or weaknesses only to see what they have accomplished.

Self-Esteem Secrets Gives You The Strategies You Need to
Overcome Your Obstacles and Succeed

It’s a hard truth to accept, however, I decided to face it and help other people who were struggling with the same issues. You can stop the cycle of low self-esteem.

Now, as a successful author, I teach and guide others through the maze of low self-esteem.

My Self-Esteem website is my full-time job. I take an occasional break to teach part-time, however, my main focus is this website and providing people just like you with the help and skill-building techniques they need to accomplish anything they want.

Every page on my website is written for you from my own experience. It’s not just regurgitated fluff based on
the work of other people.

All of the articles I’ve written, my newsletter offering tips for improving self esteem to thousands of subscribers, and my work with other professionals in the field of self-improvement are all based on my own experiences and created for the benefit of everyone who finds my website.

Every day I get emails from my visitors and readers thanking me for help with these exact self-esteem issues.

“Transformed my life”

Self Esteem Secrets has transformed my life. I no longer feel self conscious before meeting people.

– Ronald

“Packed with useful advice!”

writes from his experiences with life – it’s not just theory – he has lived it.

I recommend “Self-Esteem Secrets” to you. It’s a
great read and will, most definitely, help you on
your journey to be the person that you want to be.”
– Caroline Britton

Author “Happy in MY Skin”

So you can choose to stick with what’s familiar and get on with it quietly. If talking  yourself out of trying new things because it is too risky or because you’re worried about looking stupid, has worked this far, it can’t hurt for the next few decades right?

We all feel failure, however sometimes failure means not trying at all.

I know just how much of a difference working on my self esteem has made to me personally and I made it my mission to help others like you make this change in their lives.

I’ve already helped thousands of people improve their self esteem in ten years running this site.

I want to help you, too!

Which is why I wrote Self Esteem Secrets

“Helpful, Inspiring, Positive and

“Most of the time, I never want to do the
exercises in self-help books, however yours are short,
fun and

I really found the tips and
very helpful, inspiring, positive, and motivating. Yes, I would
definitely recommend this ebook.”

– Karen Lewis

Finally See a Better You…Every Single Day!

When you get your copy of Self Esteem Secrets, you’ll quickly begin to transform your life, build your self-esteem and create a level of self worth you couldn’t have imagined.

Proven techniques, all in one place.

The new Kindle version contains the secrets that will help you understand why you suffer from low  self-esteem and give you the keys to overcoming it and not only that…

Self-Esteem Secrets actually deals with how to maintain long-term self esteem, something other similar books ignore.

What’s Different about Self-Esteem Secrets?

Self Esteem Secrets is the only e-book out there which teaches you how to stop thinking in a self-sabotaging way. It really works. Just look at what these strategies have done for me.

In my self esteem book, you get 12 chapters full of techniques which will help you:

  • Get real solutions from first hand experience

  • Analyze every situation
    in a way that defuses your pre-emptive expectations

  • Use simple, easy to remember tactics to skyrocket
    your self-esteem

  • Focus on yourself for just
    a few minutes
    a day and change your whole outlook

    on life
  • Feel empowered to conquer your fear of new challenges

  • Improve your own confidence

    and also the self-esteem of those closest to you in the

  • Make friends more easily, and keep them

  • Understand your strengths while redefining your weaknesses

  • Get more satisfaction from your job, no matter what
    it is

  • Make ambition work for you, not against you

  • Recognize and forget about
    things which are out of your control

  • Deal with procrastination that affects
    your self-confidence and not the other way around

  • Easily achieve any goal you set for yourself


How Has Self Esteem Secrets Changed People’s

“This book is helping so many people!”

“I am reading Self Esteem Secrets and just want you to know how much I am enjoying it. The writing style is so honest, warm and direct!!”

Dr Ingrid Schweiger, Psychotherapist & Author, NYC

“I’m Much More Confident Now”

” I’m much more confident
now. I can talk to anybody and still maintain that
self-respect and esteem within me. My life has added
meaning and I’m more focused on being the man I
always wanted to be. Thank you very much.”

David Melendrez

“Instantly Felt Better About Myself”

“Thank you
for writing this book because it really did help me
and its still helping me right now. I took your advice about writing my
daily successes down and I can’t stop
. I focus on the positive now and look
forward to each day to see the things I can
accomplish that I’ve always overlooked. Thanks a lot.”

– Gabby, Anchorage

“I just wanted to thank you for your book!”


“I’ve been a victim of rape and I
can assure you  this valuable advice
really helps! “

…I recommend you read this book! “

– Mirella, Mauritius

“I would definitely recommend it!”

“The book is full
of quality practical ideas to improve your self-esteem.”

– Innocent Matepo

“I’m an Entirely Different Person”

“Today because of this e-book I am an entirely different
person. Now I can look boldly into someone’s eye and
speak with confidence.”

– Deokie Peters

I’m Ready to Succeed !

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“I’m so Glad I Read Self esteem Secrets!”

“I’ve got a new job, new life and I feel I
can cope with challenges in a positive and calm way.
Thank you for this wonderful book…

– Lia Molnar

Here’s to taking the first step toward building your self-esteem and confidence!

Life Coach, Author,
University Tutor, Teacher

and Personal Mentor

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P.S. You can feel good about yourself and have complete confidence to tackle any challenge which comes your way. Self-Esteem Secrets will show you how to build your self-esteem and take control of your life, it contains extremely powerful secrets that changed my life! My successful self esteem website is proof!

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