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Digging Deeper to Improve Your Overall Health and Well-Being

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: May 10th, 2020

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Without good physical and mental health happiness is impossible. Essentially, you could have all the money and success in the world, but if you’re not well enough to enjoy it, then what do you have it for? More people are coming to this realization and, as a result, seek to become the best versions of themselves.

Yet in an effort to improve their health, many have also come to realize that it’s more to it than just dieting and exercising. Here’s a look at some solutions you may not have considered to improve your health and overall well-being.

Start with a Solid Foundation

The biggest challenge that many have with change (even for the better) is transitioning. Because they are embarking on new territory or trying new things, they fear the unknown which causes them to lack the motivation they need to push forward. Whether it’s sticking to a workout routine, learning how to deal with overwhelming emotions, or pushing through when the going gets tough, a solid foundation can help see you through.

Wellness or spiritual healing retreats are a great foundation for those looking to improve their overall health and well-being. Set in a destination far from the stresses of everyday life, participants are provided with the foundation they need to make real change in their lives. From massages and spa treatments to meditation practices and wellness tips, going on a retreat for wellness or spiritual healing equips you with the tools you need to weather the ups and downs of change. Other health facilities.

Eliminate or Reduce Poor Food Choices

Part of improving your health and well-being means watching what you put in your body. In times past, this used to be as simple as avoiding fast food and sugar. Today, however, food and how it’s grown, raised, manufactured, and processed is being bought into question. There are increasing studies showing that even foods that you may have once considered healthy choices aren’t because of the genetically modified ingredients or methods in which the crops are grown or animals are raised.

You may have increased your intake of fruits and veggies, but this alone may not be enough to truly enhance your health. It may be necessary for you to consider giving up processed foods like canned goods, breakfast meats, and cold cut sandwiches. For some, giving up meat and animal products altogether and opting for alkaline foods, organic crops, and vegan egg substitute for a few months (or even for good) are necessary to fight serious diseases and health problems.

End Bad Relationships

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The company you keep can have a lasting impact on your health and well-being. Whether you’re talking about relatives, childhood friends, spouses, or colleagues, the people you surround yourself with will eventually rub off on you in a negative or positive way. If you’re in abusive, negative, stagnant, and unhealthy relationships, your ability to be physically and mentally healthy and happy is limited.

To get better in your mind, body, and soul, it may be necessary for you to let go of negative relationships in your life. Cutting ties with individuals who don’t have your best interest at heart, or are disruptive and negative in their own lives can help to enhance your well-being.

More people are starting to realize the importance of their health and well-being as it relates to their happiness. In order for anyone to truly be happy they must work diligently at improving their physical and emotional well-being. Digging deeper into factors that prevent you from being your best self like those described above will put you a lot closer to experiencing life to the fullest. Here are some of the habits of successful people.

Please make sure you also consider your attitudes towards yourself. This includes things such as body loathing. Another recommendation is to go visit a wellness retreat but be sure to check what to pack for the retreat.

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