How to be Confident in Class

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
May 20th, 2014 | Updated: March 23rd, 2020

Reviewed by Sam McCloud, MEd. Specialist Teacher and Therapist.

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Public speaking This article is for anyone who feels shy and would like to be more confident in the classroom. If you have ever asked yourself how to be confident in class, read on for some answers…You may be a student at school or college, it doesn’t matter, confidence is necessary in any learning environment. 

Why is confidence in class such an important issue?


  • Students learn better

  • The class is a more enjoyable and friendlier place

  • Everybody is happier

  • The teacher can teach students more easily

  • The progress of the class will be faster

To learn well you must be confident and guess what? To teach well you also need to be confident so let’s not forget that the teacher needs to be confident in class. This study of mathematics teachers shows that confidence improves the quality of teaching . They have shown a increase in productivity and happiness of their students. Here is some helpful information for students at college or university about the importance of self esteem and what to do if you need suggestions how to cope better.

How can you be more confident in class?

how to be confident in class and stop hiding If you suffer from low confidence in the classroom then you know the pain that brings. Self consciousness, nervousness and worry that the teacher may ask you a question. This can be embarrassing in front of your friends. You feel like a spotlight is hovering over you and you sweat because you doubt your ability to answer the question. Your pulse races and you feel hot. When you do get asked you make a complete mess or get very embarrassed. All very painful, isn’t it?

If you feel like this in class then your learning will be much more difficult because you can’t feel relaxed. You are also less likely to be able to communicate well with your classmates either in or out of class. If you have friends in class and feel relaxed then you will learn better and enjoy lessons much more.

..So how do you stop this and become more relaxed and confident in class?

My top recommendation to you is this: How to Build your Self Confidence – Hypnosis downloads – quick, easy and guaranteed to help you build your confidence (prepared by experienced psychologists and gets my full recommendation) – just imagine being more confident in class, what would that mean to you?

Here are some more tips:

  • Prepare yourself for class really well. Do your homework and extra reading so that you are ready to give answers

  • Pay attention to your appearance. Shower and get cleaned up, try to look your best so that you will feel more confident

  • Smile, this will make you feel better and send subconscious messages to your body and you will be able to relax

  • Learn a relaxation technique for stressful situations

  • Answer a question before the teacher asks, this will mean you can be sure of answering questions you know the answer to rather than getting caught out

  • After the day ends put every positive event in a notebook and watch over the weeks how you improve

These are just a few tips which can solve your problem in class but there is so much more you can do – imagine solving this problem, no more sweating, fear or nervousness, no more embarrassment, just being calm and enjoying challenges in class and elsewhere…

Try this amazing self hypnosis download – Building your confidence  now!

You will enjoy self hypnosis, learn easily and quickly where you want and when you want, you won’t have to spend a long time reading and you will find this program effortless as you use the power of your mind, so what are you waiting for?

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