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Hobbies to Build Self Esteem


There is a very important role for hobbies to play in building self esteem. But which hobbies are particularly helpful if you want to build self confidence and self esteem? When I experienced low self esteem many years ago I took up a variety of interests and hobbies and experienced the positive change they can …

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Words to Build Self Esteem

Can words build self esteem? This is one of the main questions we will consider here on this page. According to the Bible, God created the world with words. This report, published by the Association for Talent development and written by Blitzer et al., mentions how important words are in building the self esteem of …

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Self Motivation and Self Esteem

Self Motivation

I understand just how soul-destroying life can be with low self esteem and the lack of self motivation that often accompanies it. I experienced the pain of both for many years. In the end, even though getting help is always recommended, your motivation can only come from one place, deep within you. I will try …

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Inspiring Thoughts

On this page I have collected together some inspiring words and videos sent to me from readers and others are written by me and my son Daniel. I hope the spark of inspiration, hope and creativity within you is lit by reading and watching these inspiring words! I believe that through inspirational words you can …

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Self Esteem Poems

I hope that these self esteem poems will help motivate you. According to this study published in 2011, reading poems can help improve self-esteem. Most of these self esteem poems were sent by readers of this website and my newsletter. If you have any poems of your own then please send them to me and …

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Random Acts of Kindness

A random act of kindness benefits everyone. It shows you respect and love others and when you do, others will respond to you much more positively. By showing kindness to others you are telling them they are important and you are in fact building their self value too. According to a recent study published in …

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