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Ways to Be Happier With Yourself


Self Esteem is what we experience when we feel good about ourselves. Feeling happier with yourself will definitely make a huge difference to your level of self esteem and confidence. So what have I learnt about becoming happier as a result of my experience of low self esteem and writing about this topic for more …

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Mental Health and Self Esteem


Having suffered from mental health and self esteem issues such as depression, shyness and a lack of self-confidence, and after writing about this for many years, I’ve written this page to help you understand how your self esteem and mental health are connected. Improving your mental health and self esteem is about supporting yourself to …

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How to Deal with Victim Mentality

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Those who suffer from a victim mentality, whether as a result of real events in life or not, experience a sense of being “stuck” and unable to move forward. As Goens (2017) explains, feeling like a victim can affect both work and personal life including an inability to develop close connections and relationships, preventing progress …

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Online Counseling

Do you suffer from low self esteem, anxiety or depression? Talking to someone who will listen and give you an objective view can be so helpful. Sometimes friends can help but there are times when only a professional can help you. So I’ve got a new and convenient suggestion for you. It’s called online counselling. …

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Self Hypnosis

Recommended Self Hypnosis Audios by Karl Perera What Exactly is Self Hypnosis? Self-hypnosis has nothing to do with hypnotising like you see in shows where people are put to sleep or made to act like fools, let’s get this clear right now. Self-hypnosis will help you transform your life! It is easy, natural, fun and …

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Mood Swings

Mood swings are very important and can affect your decision-making and daily living. Your state of mind is determined by your moods. In a positive state you are happy and enjoy the moment. Negative moods lead to misguided decisions, unhappiness and low self esteem. Negative thoughts only have power if you allow them to.  They …

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