Improve communication skills

How to say No with Confidence

Saying no

Do you have problems saying no when you want to? Well, I’ve written this page to help you out. After more than twenty years writing about the topic of self esteem and confidence, becoming a published author and helping so many through teaching and life coaching, I will show you how to say no with …

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Assertiveness Training

According to the Mayo Clinic, assertiveness is important because it can reduce your stress and enable you to communicate much better. They also describe how this can improve your self esteem and help you to become more respected by others. But before we get into how assertiveness training can help, let us define what it …

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Being Yourself Socially

Many people who lack self confidence find that in social situations they feel uncomfortable or unnatural. Do you feel uneasy in social situations and have problems being yourself? If you do, then what should you do to improve your social skills and self confidence? If you’ve ever been in a social situation where whatever you …

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