what is self esteem

Types of Self Esteem

There are a few different ways to categorise the types of self esteem. One of the most useful ways is to list three types of self esteem according to level: Inflated self esteem, high self esteem and low self esteem. But it can also be divided up into different types such as Global and Specific …

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8 Factors That Affect Self Esteem


Everyone has regular ups and downs, but there are some instances in life that can have a profound impact on one’s sense of self-worth. Whether real or imagined, these situations can wreak havoc on a person’s confidence. Some of these issues can be fixed through actions while others can only be repaired from introspection (see …

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Body Image and Self Esteem


One of the biggest factors that affect self esteem, especially in women, is body image. Women are more unhappy with the appearance of their bodies than men (Grogan 2017). However, adolescents, men and even children can have poor body image. Through dealing with this issue myself when younger, and through the work I have done …

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Self Awareness and Self Esteem

self awareness

In order to improve yourself and make positive changes in life, it is very important to develop self awareness and self esteem. Working with many clients it is obvious that self awareness can help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses which does help to improve self esteem. According to Tasha Eurich (2017), about 85% …

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How to Stop Negative Self Talk

self esteem and anxiety

What we say to ourselves is extremely important because it can influence our behaviour. Inner self talk can be positive and encouraging or negative which can contribute to low self esteem and lack of confidence. In my experience working with clients with low self esteem and having experienced this myself, I know how damaging negative …

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Personal Identity and Self Esteem

relationships and self esteem

Identity involves many different aspects of who you are. Struggling with low self esteem may involve identity issues such as inner conflict between who you think you are and how others see you. After years of writing about and helping others with building self esteem, I have seen that personal identity influences self esteem. Let’s …

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What is Self Esteem?

Self esteem is an issue very commonly discussed these days. According to this article by NBC, 85% of us suffer from low self esteem and one area that this impacts people is at work. Other studies show that social media causes low self esteem in young people, especially Instagram and Facebook. Through my work with …

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The Importance of Self Acceptance


There are few things more important than accepting yourself for who and what you are. You cannot build your self esteem without first understanding the importance of self acceptance. After many years writing about self esteem and coaching clients with poor self image and low self worth, I will show you not only why self …

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Self Image and Self Esteem

Stop thinking negative thoughts

Self image and self esteem are very closely connected. Self image is important as it affects your self esteem and confidence. In this article we will look at the relationship between self image and self esteem and discuss how you can develop a more positive self image to help yourself move forward with more confidence. You may …

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Self Concept and Self Esteem

self concept and self esteem

I have received so many questions about self esteem over the 20 years I have been writing about this topic, that it appears “self concept” is often misunderstood. Self concept and self esteem are closely related and one affects the other. However, it is important for anyone wishing to improve self esteem to understand the …

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