how self esteem impacts your life

Shame and Self Compassion

Shame can be very damaging to your self confidence, self esteem and can affect you throughout life. My aim on this page is to help you understand why you might feel shame and what you can do about it. We will also look at the role that self compassion plays in shame and how it …

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How To Improve Life Satisfaction


In the course of many years working in the psychology field and during many life coaching sessions, the topic of life satisfaction is extremely important. As building self esteem and confidence depends on how you feel about yourself, it also includes how you feel about your life. This is why I decided to write this …

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Drugs, Rehab and Self Esteem


Seeking Rehab Help to Achieve Sobriety Today, the problem of drug and alcohol addiction is soaring out of control, driven in part by the huge problem of addiction to opioid narcotics. This problem has a serious affect on the sufferer’s self esteem because addicts or heavy drinkers often lose control of their lives and ability …

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