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The Best Self Help Books

by Karl Perera

self help books

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I have enjoyed reading books and have read so many self help books in my time! These are my favourite books to help you smile more, feel more and believe in yourself more. I fully recommend every one of them to you!

Remember, buying any of these books here will help support me with this website and my work helping others. Thanks for your support!

Build Your Self Esteem with These Books

Self esteem Secrets – 12 Steps to Success by Karl Perera


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“Self Esteem Secrets has transformed my life. I no longer feel self conscious when meeting people.” – Ronald “This book helped me far more than my counsellor.” – Mary “Reading and applying “Self Esteem Secrets” helped me to define new answers to problems that were causing emotional pain in my life. I am now able to focus on solutions rather than staying stuck in the problem. I am thankful for being energized by the hope and restoration I am experiencing since reading this book.” – Zsa Zsa

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements: A Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

I have learnt a lot from reading this! You will learn about four principles for living.
I’ve read it several times over, it is wonderful! Recommended

Self Esteem for a Lifetime

Self esteem for a Lifetime by Dr. Ingrid Schweiger

A powerful book which I recently read. Every parent needs support in the vital task of bringing up children. This book not only gets to the heart of caring parenting, it gives you the tools to improve your self esteem and helps you to give this valuable gift to your children. Each page is filled with enjoyable exercisesA must-buy for anybody who has or takes care of children and wants to help them build self esteem

Be Yourself Socially

Recommended! The most popular read on this site

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I’ve included this classic book by Dale Carnegie because it is on my shelf and I constantly refer to it. This book can be your best friend. It’s not new, but has such a lot of wisdom and experience on its pages. Get it!