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How to Be Confident inside and out

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
March 1st, 2019 | Updated: October 28th, 2019

healthy woman jumping
Confidence is everything!

Confidence, it’s been said either you have it or you don’t. This is the furthest thing from the truth, even if you don’t have confidence in yourself today, you can always build yourself up and gain it over time. You’re a unique individual and being proud of who you are is essential, because it’s what sets you apart.

Evaluate Your Level of Confidence

Think about your existing confidence level and where you could stand to improve. If you rate yourself as having low or medium confidence, you’ll want to implement some life changes to boost morale. It’s not difficult to do, but like anything else, it does require some dedication.

Working on it

Improved confidence levels come with time and accepting who you are in where your journey lies. With some tips on self-acceptance, you can research and do some self evaluating. Make a list and jot down the positives and negatives aspects of yourself, and work on one or two of these at a time. If you’re consistently late, work on setting your alarm for an earlier wake-up call, for example. Nobody’s perfect, so taking the steps to improve will help you grow as a person.

Step Outside your Box

Does lack of confidence keep you from exploring social gatherings? The important thing is to be truthful to yourself no matter your makeup. Think about your favorite activities and see if there are groups in your area. It only takes a few small steps to use your phone, tablet or laptop to search for events that cater to your specific likes. Join clubs and make it a point to get to know people. Sometimes just your Apple phone cases , particularly if you have one that showcases your interest, is enough to spark a conversation with someone who shares the same affinity. You can visit a comic book convention, farmers market or a library gathering for fellow ukulele players, it’s all about putting yourself out there.

Believe in You

It’s never a good thing to let anyone dictate how you feel about yourself. Believe that you can be bold, daring, charismatic and charming because no one is keeping you from being any of these things. Be the person you want to be not what Joe, Bob or Chuck want you to be. Only you know your true inner strength and your actual personality traits, put them to work for you.

With Confidence Comes…

To put it simply, with confidence you feel comfortable. Comfortable in your skin with who you are and with those around you. And with that you gain happiness, which is all most people strive for. When you’re confident, people around you will take notice and relationships can foster and grow.

Helping Others

Helping others is a great feeling and it can be done with just a little self confidence. Not only is it a good thing for you, but maybe you’ll also influence someone else around you to be more confident in themselves. When you accept and believe in yourself, you unwittingly help others like shy Karen from accounting, to branch out and meet some new people. Dinner and drinks anyone?