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How to Feel Happier about Yourself

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: June 20th, 2020

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The First Newsletter May 2002

Welcome to the first newsletter! I am the author and webmaster of Karl Perera. Glad you signed up! In this issue you’ll learn how to feel happier about yourself…

1. Article “Self Esteem means feeling good inside: How to feel good inside” by Karl Perera (ME) – find out how to feel happier about yourself.

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“Self Esteem means feeling good inside: How to feel good inside”

by Karl Perera

Self Esteem is what we experience when we feel good about ourselves and when we feel good inside. So, what makes you feel good inside?

I think when you feel you like what you are doing, where you are going and feel you have your priorities right. Feeling good means feeling happier about yourself, with what you are doing and where you are going. Next month we will look at how ambition can help or hinder you in your search for self esteem. Let’s continue with this article’s theme……

Don’t make the common mistake of comparing your achievements to someone else or to what you believe you should have done up to this point. You will NEVER measure up and you will bring yourself down. LOW SELF ESTEEM. This is not the way to feel happier about yourself at all!

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What you need to feel good inside is within your power. It is not the result but the route to achievement. You will have high self esteem when you have a sense of direction, satisfaction about your choices and actions and know that you are doing your best and doing something good.

How to feel happier about yourself

– Do your best and you will respect yourself for it. If you don’t you will know. You can cheat others but not yourself.

– Be honest and kind to others. Give yourself NO chance to be self critical.

– For most people doing good things brings satisfaction and a good feeling inside. If you have done something wrong and feel guilty about it your self esteem will suffer. Try to help others. Spend time with your kids, listen to others, call someone – be nice! Your self opinion will go up and you will feel self respect. The bonus is that others will be grateful to you and this will also boost your self esteem!

– Focus your thoughts on what is right in your life and on what you like. How can you make things better? Don’t neglect ever what you want from life. Some sacrifice is necessary especially if you have family but you don’t have to be a martyr. Self Esteem will only blossom when you decide to love yourself.

– One of the benefits of Self Esteem is confidence in yourself and knowing realistically where you are and where you are going. But careful – don’t aim too high. Keep your sights on small improvements and planning to get where you want to be. Each time you have a small success you can feel happy and motivated to continue.

– Give and be generous! Give your time and of yourself. By doing this you will have no guilt when you want to spend time alone or on your own projects. if you organise yourself you CAN make time for yourself and others. You will feel more in balance and will feel you are living your life.

Concentrate on these points and act on them. Next month I will focus on a different aspect of Self Esteem – being happy with what you have (how to manage ambition).


You’ll learn how to become more effective with your actions and feel good more often. The chapters were originally written for a column in Rodale Press’s newsletter At Your Best (now an online newsletter called Balancing Act, which is part of Rodale’s Online Health), where Adam’s column was voted the readers’ favorite.

And this book was designed to be used. It is made to be referred to again and again when you need some counsel. When you’re feeling blue or tired or at the end of your rope, or when you need a boost or just want to feel better, reach for this book. It is easy, enjoyable reading and the chapters are brief. Each of the chapters (there are over a hundred) ends with a simply-stated principle you can apply. 

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Lots of simple and effective ways to feel good more often and improve your attitude
  • How to feel happier about yourself
  • How to remove sources of stress from your life
  • Become closer to the people you love
  • How and why to become more optimistic
  • Learn to deal with troublemakers and people who bring you down
  • Simple things you can do to get the appreciation you deserve

Adam Khan has been published in Prevention Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Tea Magazine, Body Bulletin, Your Personal Best Newsletter, Think and Grow Rich Newsletter, and was a regular columnist for At Your Best for seven years.

My comments: Adam Khan is a great guy and wonderful author. I love this book and recommend it to you – worth every penny!

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Newsletter 2 June 2002

“Self Esteem: How to be Happy with Yourself”

by Karl Perera

Are you happy with yourself – with who you are and what you are doing? If you want high self esteem this is very important. Here’s how to be happier with yourself:

a) Don’t compete with others. Life is not a race. Set your own standards and try to reach them, don’t be scared to fail and accept your own limitations. Competing with others will drain you and will take away your self esteem because there will always be someone better than you. Decide on your path and stick to it.

b) Understand yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Use your skills and do your best. You will find satisfaction when you are doing what you are good at and when you accept your weaknesses. Chances are you will also be more successful this way. Try to improve yourself but don’t waste effort and time on those things which are not for you. Accept your best as good enough.

c) Focus on your achievements no matter how small. Try to achieve more but don’t tire yourself out on things which don’t truly matter to you. Focus on what is really important for you. When you know what you want to achieve then set goals (small steps) and reward yourself when you achieve each step. Nobody gets there in one giant leap it takes time and effort to achieve anything worth while.

d) Always try your best and you will be happy with yourself.

e) Be happy with your life as it is! Look for the things that are right and take satisfaction in those. Be thankful for all the good things you have been given. Try to improve your life yes but be realistic about where you are and where you want to go.

f) You can’t do it all. Don’t try to. The best you can do is to use your skills and abilities as best you can and trust that everything will work out. Life is short and we have to choose what we can achieve and how we want to live. Choose wisely but have faith in others and in anything you believe in

g) If you have faith use it. Faith in God is very helpful to many of us. Religion teaches us our importance as people but also reminds us we need help from above to achieve anything real. Always hold on to your beliefs and values and don’t betray them or you will hurt inside.

h) Finally enjoy your life for the gift it is. Experience and give love. Don’t drive yourself so hard you no longer enjoy life or see the goal you set yourself. First think about your health and allow yourself time to reflect and quieten down each day.

I hope you enjoyed this brief article – Karl Perera

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