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More-SelfEsteem.com is part of my company Help Universal Ltd and helps people all over the globe to build self esteem and confidence.

More-SelfEsteem.com is best known for its website, online since 1998 and its Social Channels including its Youtube Channel.

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My Story

The idea of More-SelfEsteem goes way back to the early days of the internet. I set up this website in about 1997 and moved to this domain in 1998.

I also run the website Depression-Helper.com and several other websites with the main aim of helping people with self esteem, confidence and depression because I had suffered from these problems for a number of years.

I have helped thousands of visitors to this website over the years and through my weekly self esteem tips newsletter which has about 20,000 subscribers at present. I have been sending this newsletter out since 2002.

Most of the content on this site has been written from experience, but research and advice from experts is also included.

Recently, I set up a company in the UK called Help Universal to manage the two websites.

This website and Help Universal is owned by Karl Perera. I have a Masters Degree in Teaching, a Diploma in Life Coaching and much life experience.

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Photo of Karl Perera, MA, DipLCKarl Perera is a fully qualified Life Coach (DipLC), Teacher (MA) and author of Self Esteem Secrets. He has taught at various universities including Durham, Leicester and Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. He has run More-SelfEsteem.com since 1997 since suffering from low self esteem for more than 25 years overcoming it in his thirties.