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Karl Perera My name is Karl Perera. I am the owner, author and webmaster of More-SelfEsteem.com which I started in 1998. I am a qualified life coach specializing in Self Esteem Coaching and Academic Coaching, as well as an Academic Tutor (General and Academic English) and published Author.

I also own and run a website offering depression help at

I welcome you to my site which is the result of lots of hard work and much careful thought! The aim of this site is to provide you, my guest, with helpful information, articles, tips, courses and recommended products which will enable you to improve your self esteem and confidence. This website is really a labour of love.

My mission is simple. I am trying to do something positive and helpful in the hope that you may benefit from what I have learned about dealing with low self esteem and confidence. I write the majority of information you find here from many years of personal experience and have designed the site which I hope
allows you to find what you are looking for easily. Please contact me and tell me what you think and what needs to be improved and I will do my best to correct or modify according to your suggestions.

My Books
I wrote the following bestselling book “Self esteem Secrets” in 2009 available on Amazon as a paperback and kindle version.

A complete list of all my books is here. (This is my Amazon Author Page).

Over the years I have received many comments from visitors, (happily mostly positive!), and always welcome feedback from you about the website and its content.

Who am I? – thought you’d like to know!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am English but for many years I lived in Izmir (Western Turkey) and now live in the UK and go back to Turkey regularly. I am married with a son Daniel and a daughter Ebru. My son Daniel also has a keen interest in computers and one day I hope he will help me out in running this site. I have worked in Electronics, Sales, and Teaching. I am now a professionally qualified Life Coach and University Tutor with a lot of life experience to share with you. I have taught at Durham University, the University of Leicester and at Izmir University of Economics.

I have lived in Australia, England, Italy and Turkey and moved around a lot especially when I was 5-11 years old. This created a number of problems even at that young age. I speak Italian, Spanish and Turkish. I have overcome low self esteem, inferiority, depression and much more in my life and as a result of my experiences felt that I could help others overcome and defeat these debilitating problems. In 1994 I moved to Turkey from England having married two years earlier with a five month old baby boy. That year I also took my final exams at University. The culture shock I have faced and change in
lifestyle have presented real challenges and difficulties. I now live in the UK although I do spend a lot of time in Turkey too.

Life constantly provides you with opportunities to improve yourself and I believe that problems such as self esteem and lack of confidence are at the heart of your ability to help yourself grow. Everyone needs help and I hope that this website can help you take steps to help yourself by offering you the information you need to decide what to do next.

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Product partnerships – recommended by personal experience

I have partnered with a number of companies who offer products which can really help you. These companies include Amazon.com (self help books), and HypnosisDownloads.com (build your self confidence, self
confidence trainer CD and hypnosis downloads)
to offer you products I know you will love and the commission earned helps me expand this website.

Finally, I invite you to contact me if you’d like to contribute to this website – send me an article, email me or if you have found the website helpful let me know…

Business address: 1355 Sokak, Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey

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