6 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Paisley Hansen
November 18th, 2019 | Updated: March 22nd, 2020

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You’ve heard it plenty of times: a healthy lifestyle is important. While you may believe that this statement could be true, you still haven’t committed to giving it a fair shake. The fact is, it is easier to remain complacent and in old, unhealthy habits rather than to establish a new healthier routine.

The power of being healthy does not just come from diet and exercise. While these are essential components, they do not act exclusively to measure up to improving your quality of life. If you have the desire to improve your current situation, then you may want to start buying into the benefits a healthy lifestyle can offer. Aside from looking better, the perks of living a healthier lifestyle are immeasurable. Check out these six benefits of an active lifestyle. 

1. The Body Is Stronger

Exercise and weight management are vital to being healthy. The makeup of the body is vast, with millions of cells, each performing a function to sustain life. When you fail to feed it the proper vitamins and elements necessary to fuel it, the body starts to break down. Things like heart disease begin to set in as arteries begin to harden with cholesterol. Diet alone can work wonders for your body’s internal system, but what about exercise? Taking on some measure of regular activity, coupled with the proper fuel, can lead to the body becoming stronger. This does not mean just in muscle mass, but also in resistance to things like illnesses and diseases. Le-Vel Thrive , along with the proper nutrients, can help keep excess pounds from dragging you down.

2. The Brain Gets a Boost

The brain is the master computer of the body and the most critical organ. It receives and sends signals at an unfathomable rate and controls everything from what you smell to how you react in a fight. Eating healthier boosts brain strength and function. As part of a more active and healthy lifestyle, chemicals in the brain balance out, giving productivity throughout the body a lift. Thinking becomes clearer, and memory function improves. The healthy chemicals, such as endorphins which are released during exercise, improve mood

3. Self-Esteem Increases Substantially

a healthy lifestyle includes exercise - this woman is exercising outside
A healthy lifestyle is vital for your self esteem

When you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body starts to function better. When the body is more in-tune and working at a higher capacity, the better you feel about yourself. Exercise not only makes your body look and move better, but it helps you feel better about yourself. When you look good in an outfit, you automatically feel better. Confidence and self-esteem raise as do your spirits in general. Exercise and diet have this same effect. Boosting your self-esteem through healthy choices is a win-win.

4. A Healthy Outlet for Stress

Doctors agree: Stress is a serious problem. The daily struggle with the demands of work, family, and social commitments makes it difficult to unwind at the end of the day. However, living with an elevated amount of stress can put a severe drain on the body. Almost every system is affected by stress, including things like:

  • The endocrine system – overproduction of hormones like adrenaline
  • The circulatory system – blood pressure remains elevated putting the heart under great strain
  • The central nervous system – the brain may misfire and send the wrong signals around the body

Increasing your activity level can lead to a reduction in stress. The physical exertion allows the body to expend excess energy created by stress. The natural hormones, such as endorphins that are released during exercise, flood the brain with a sense of euphoria. Thus, the rest of the body relaxes.

5. An Increase in Energy

While it may seem counterproductive, the more energy you expend, the more you have. An increase in energy occurs over time. The more good food the body takes in, the better fuel it has to burn. The more active you are, the fitter your muscles, heart and respiratory system are. Another factor in energy reserves is sleep. Chances are, if you work a full day, eat relatively well, and get in 30 minutes of exercise, your body will fall into a more restful sleep. The more time the brain and body have to recover at night, the more energy you have the next day. 

6. It Encourages Others To Follow

The better you feel, the more obvious it will be to others. As discussed, your entire body is affected by healthier habits. The more you commit to this endeavor, the more likely the changes you make are to last. The better you feel about yourself, the less likely you are to slide into old patterns. People around you will start noticing the changes taking place inside and out. They may begin to ask you what you’ve been doing, and they may be inspired to make their changes. Your children and spouse may also be less reluctant to follow your path.

A healthy lifestyle improves more than just the way you look. By watching what you eat and increasing activity levels, you will start to feel more confident in yourself. That feeling is the best benefit of them all.

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