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Five steps to high self esteem

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
March 14th, 2014 | Updated: November 4th, 2019

There are some pretty simple steps you can take to improve your self esteem. I will show you how these five steps can help you improve your self confidence as well.

  1. Question your negative self talk – do you sometimes tell yourself things which stop you from acting positively? Do you hear a voice in your head which discourages you? This inner critical talk stops you achieving what you most want in life and makes you think negatively. 

    When you begin to question the negative self talk which holds you back you see that most of what you tell yourself is not true. This first step is important because it will help you act more positively. 

    Questioning your self talk will put you on a path towards more self confidence. Don’t believe everything you tell yourself, question it. Challenge your inner self to justify those negative comments which pop into your head.

  2. Help others – this is a great way to build your self esteem, because helping others makes you feel you have value. If you help another, then that person needs you and benefits from your presence in the world. This can be a source of great joy and give you a purpose in life beyond yourself. Doing something positive like this can also change your attitude completely.
  3. Make a list – maybe several lists! Your strengths, your achievements and focus on these. But don’t forget to note down what you think you can work on and improve in yourself. make sure these lists come from your heart and mind and not from the things that others tell you, honesty with yourself is very important.
  4. Challenge yourself – If life is too easy you begin to get bored and miserable. You may blame yourself for your lack of interest in life. The result may be low self esteem. Doing something challenging will increase your sense of self worth.A challenge doesn’t have to be something you fear. It can be an opportunity to grow and learn. Self-improvement is necessary if you want to improve your self esteem, so think of challenges as positive steps towards your goal of high self esteem!
  5. Learn something more – learning is a way to improve yourself. Knowledge is powerful and will make you more confident.As you saw above challenges can be scary but if you learn how to do something it becomes much easier. Knowledge frees you and empowers you so enjoy learning.

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If you follow the above five steps your self esteem and your confidence will increase and your whole outlook on life will change. Enjoy the new you!


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