5 Reasons You May Be Having Panic Attacks

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
March 19th, 2020 | Updated: March 23rd, 2020

Anxious guy reading about panic attacks

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Panic attacks are a common occurrence for many Americans. Anxiety and fear, can result in a panic attack, which a person may mistake for a heart attack. Here we will learn what causes panic attacks and suggest how they can be treated.

Different people have different triggers, and therefore it may not always be apparent what is causing your panic attacks. However, some experiences more commonly cause anxiety than others. If you’ve recently been experiencing panic attacks and want to know why, here are some of the most likely reasons. 

What Causes Panic Attacks?

A Traumatic Event 

If something traumatic happened to you, revisiting the memory of the occurrence could invite a panic attack. For example, if you get in a car accident , you may be extremely anxious whenever it’s time to drive again. 

Personal triggers such as these may happen unconsciously without you even realizing it. It’s essential to identify your triggers so that you can avoid them and know how to handle them without losing control. 


Everyone experiences a little stressed throughout the day. Between getting stuck in traffic or receiving a bill, most people are no stranger to feeling a little stressed. However, chronic stress on a daily basis can start to take its toll on your well being. It’s important that you limit your exposure to stress as much as possible, especially if you’re frequently experiencing panic attacks. Letting it go on too long could cause a variety of health issues and even worsen your feelings of anxiety. 

Social Anxiety 

Some people are extremely agitated by the idea of being around a lot of strangers. Social anxiety and cause full-fledged panic attacks without you even seeing it coming on. If you notice problems when you’re in public situations, then perhaps social anxiety was triggering your attacks. 

The good news is that social anxiety is completely treatable over time. You can learn the necessary tools to control your feelings and navigate social situations without an anxiety attack. 


If you are often experiencing arguments with family friends or your partner, then it’s likely a huge reason for your anxiety. Relationship problems can make you feel like you have no support system. If arguing is a common theme in your life, then consider talking to a therapist about how to improve your communication skills. 

By identifying and getting to know your triggers, you can learn how to cope with your anxiety rather than be a victim of it. Stay consistent and try to lead as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. Over time you can overcome your anxiety and ease your worries.