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5 Reasons Getting Fit with a Friend Boosts Motivation

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
Updated: May 13th, 2020

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Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to get fit? Many people do. They’ll start out with a workout either at home or at a gym and do well for a week or two. Then it just seems to get swallowed up by life. Is there anything that can help with that? Maybe. Let’s take a look.

Exercising with Friends
A lot of people come to find that they’re more likely to stick with an exercise routine if they’re participating in it with a friend, family member, or neighbor. The benefits of working out with someone else encompass your overall health, weight loss, energy level, and mood. If your friend doesn’t belong to the same gym, some  — like this gym in Santee, California  — offer unlimited guest privileges with certain membership levels.


Working out with someone else will hold you accountable. This is especially true if you happen to be on a team. Your teammates can help to hold you accountable for the goals you set as both a team member and an individual. For example, if your goal is to get down to a size where you can pass up the cute trendy plus size clothing for something smaller, and you start slipping, your teammates can back you up and get you back on your game.


Exercise is great for elevating your mood while reducing your stress. These effects are only enhanced when you happen to be exercising with a friend. In fact, there has even been a study that found that there’s a connection between a healthier brain and exercise. Also, people tend to actually enjoy working out as a team better than solo workouts. This serves to increase your motivation while reducing the chances of you skipping out on a session.

Having a partner to exercise with gives you the opportunity to catch up with whatever is going on in each other’s lives during your workout. Exercising as a group may also allow the brain to release even more endorphins. This then allows you to be able to get through the more difficult exercises due to a reduction in pain and an enhancement of good feelings.

Pushes You and Your Intensity

Do you remember a time when you thought that you wouldn’t be able to get through the workout, but then you were able to after all? It may have been something new that you were trying, an additional 10 minutes on the stair master, or even just another rep with the weights. Having friends to exercise with will assist you when it comes to going the extra mile – both figuratively and literally.

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This goes hand in hand with the intensity benefit. Exercising with a friend or two will decrease your feelings of fatigue while it also increases your energy level. When you compare exercising with a friend and exercising alone, doing it with a companion serves to increase each session’s intensity while it also keeps you going for a longer period of time. When you work out with someone else, there may even be times when it almost turns into some sort of competition, and this will allow you to push yourself even harder than when compared to working out by yourself.

Weight Loss

When you manage to burn off more calories than you take in, the result is weight loss. All physical activity burns calories – especially exercise. When you combine exercise with a meal plan that’s low in calories, it will be likely that you’ll lose weight. This will happen regardless of whether or not you happen to be working out with one of your friends. That said, a group exercise session may prove to be more beneficial than working out alone. People who have a companion to work out with tend to lose about 10 additional pounds when compared to those who don’t. Also, as discussed above, working out with a companion may also work to increase your level of motivation. Friends tend to offer encouragement when it’s needed while also assisting you with remaining focused on your goals for losing weight.  

This means that the next time one of your friends asks if you want to exercise with them, you should respond with a resounding “Yes!” You’ll see an improvement in your health as well as strengthening that friendship.

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