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5 Quick Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health While Dating

Written by Karl Perera BA, MA, DipLC
April 8th, 2019 | Updated: October 28th, 2019

One of the unfortunate aspects of modern life has been the rise in mental health issues, a subject which can have a considerable impact on dating. If a partner is going through problems it will be traumatic for both parties in the relationship. If you are undergoing any sort of episode, it’s important to be able to take on board advice about looking after yourself. Here are five tips towards maintaining your mental health if you’ve been successful after trying to find a girl to date online on sites like this .

Maintain strong lines of communication

Unfortunately, one of the cardinal symptoms of mental health is also one of its least obvious. It’s common for people undergoing episodes to worry about the negative impact it might have on others’ perceptions of them, especially an employer, or even a lover. They will tend to keep things hidden. But one of the best tips about maintaining your mental health as you date is to be honest and above-board at all times. You must strive to maintain open lines of communication: with loved ones, family, work colleagues, and professional advisers. Always be prepared to divulge your innermost feelings, as nobody is ever going to judge you. Quite the reverse. You will be commended for your honesty.

Look after your physical health

One of the keys to positive mental health is to ensure a high standard of physical fitness. So pay close attention to your diet and avoid eating a lot of junk food. Also ensure you take onboard so-called power foods, such as bananas or almonds (there are many more), as well as taking regular exercise. Whether you take out a membership at your local gym or go out to enjoy long walks, daily cardiovascular exercise can be an essential part of keeping mental ill-health at bay.

Know where to go for help

Too often, people who are experiencing any form of mental illness deteriorate when they defer seeking professional assistance until the last moment. While you are dating, in order to keep your mental health in peak condition it is crucial to be aware of where to go for help. You can develop a support network, from your partner to your friends. Your local GP will also be indispensable in providing you with web addresses or phone numbers where you can seek advice.

Focus on your interests

A lot of mental illness can be caused because the patient dwells on problems which rapidly spiral out of control. So another good tip is to make sure you set aside time to enjoy the hobbies and interests which give you the most pleasure. If you’re a member of a social or sporting club which gets you out on a weekly basis to interact with friends or is an activity you enjoy doing with your partner, it would make sense to embrace these proceedings, ensuring you have something to look forward to. It would also be worthwhile putting aside some time with your loved one when you can focus on the intimate side of your partnership, as the chemicals which are released during sex can be extremely beneficial for your mental health.

Take time-out

Always be prepared to take time out to relax. Suggest to your partner places where you could go for a weekend retreat, in order to get away from the source of any stresses in your life, such as work problems or family disagreements. As a couple, think of a shortlist of the most idyllic locations where you could escape to, in order to connect emotionally and thoroughly recharge your batteries.