You can, if you think you can

One of the most important things you need to be successful is to believe in your ability. Confidence makes such a big difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. Even if you are highly talented a lack of belief in your ability will make it much more difficult for you to succeed.

Yes it is your thinking that really helps or hurts you. Imagine having a difficult task or problem to solve, how much easier do you think it is when you are positive about your ability to overcome the difficulties? And how difficult do you think it will be if you lack confidence?

Henry Ford said:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

I absolutely agree with that quotation. More than half the battle in anything challenging is with yourself. Self belief takes you half way to succeeding.

What else makes you successful?

There are a number of things that can help you become successful. Let’s now look at these:

  • Strength of Mind and your willpower. Once you have the self belief you can get started but what keeps you going? Something must motivate you to continue even through those moments that seem impossible. Willpower will help you to stay focused and not give in even when you begin to question what you are doing.
  • There is another quality closely connected with will power and it makes a huge difference between success and failure. The ability to manage yourself and keep yourself on the right path despite setbacks or doubts. The ability to stay on track involves self discipline. Successful people are those who can stay focused despite what others think and despite their emotions. Having self discipline will enable you to continuing moving towards your goal. Have you ever heard of the “can do” attitude?
  • The correct attitude is very helpful. You need to be positive and open minded. Being negative or easily put off can spell disaster. Your mindset can make or break you. It seems that being positive enables the brain to be more creative and seek solutions whereas negativity just closes your mind to opportunity and makes sure that all you can see is failure.


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  • Doubt can be a killer. It is the source of so much failure and will certainly get in your way if you want to be successful. Of course you don’t have to listen to the doubts in your mind, you can replace them with faith. This faith will lift you to overcome any doubts you have. Faith means believing in something that you cannot prove. It is very powerful and increases your willpower and confidence. What do you believe in? How can this help you to become more successful in what you are trying to do? Having faith in yourself is a very important characteristic in successful people and is especially necessary if others doubt you. If you have faith in yourself you will not care what they say. Check this issue of my newsletter for some more about faith.

The Role of Self Confidence

We have talked about factors that help you be successful and that if you think you can do something you truly can. Self confidence is very powerful and something you need if you want to succeed. Some people have natural self confidence, ever wondered why?

Some people have the natural ability to look at things from a positive angle. They are lucky to be that way. That kind of person behaves without fear because they just believe they will succeed. Why? Many of these people may have been brought up to think like this and may have been lucky enough to get the right amount of support from their families at just the right time in their life. For others, that natural self confidence may have been learned. It can be developed. Either way if you have to work at being more confident you are not alone. Everyone faces negativity and doubt. Building your self confidence will pay dividends and bring you a much happier life.

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