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“Its almost a year since I subscribed to the self-esteem newsletter…

I’m not 100% cured from low self-esteem, but I feel much better and more confident and most importantly I feel in control…

These news letters helped me in times that I needed help…THANK YOU…” –Ahlam

“Dear Karl, your newsletters have helped me with my self esteem and still encourage me whenever I read them. I am indeed very grateful, thank you very much.” – Nikky

“Thanks a lot for impacting my life. Your messages have been a blessing and real motivation to me.” – Leonard

“Thank you very much sir, you have  changed my life for good.” – P.D.

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17 Responses to “Newsletter Sign Up”

  1. Shashi Says:

    I was misrable in my life…….i had a great family but when i go out to the society i was horrible….i always picked on,bullied….i don t know what to do even in my love life was a lie and i was dumped….my dad died during a accident and we have no economy in house….i hope i can be confident in my life

  2. Dani Says:

    Sleeping with a married man made me realize how low my self esteem was. I need help

  3. Brenda Says:

    I have always been low-self esteem. I’m always scary to do thing for myself. Because I hard of hearing. I think people laugh at me. Don’t won’t to be around me because I not like them can’t hear and talk funny. My husband with left me. I think because I not like him. I think because his tired been around a hard of hearing person. His want to be around people like him that can hearing and talk normal like him. I just don’t know how to get on with my life anymore. all I do now it cry all the time. I would like to stop cry and get my self esteem

  4. Heather Says:

    Need to love me more than I love others

  5. Rebekah Higgins Says:

    I need help!!

  6. Mehmet Says:

    I use and abuse good women who love me I think because I can’t love myself

  7. Dave Says:

    Pls help me wit my self esteeem

  8. felix Says:

    How long will it take for my turn around tired of it.

  9. Penny colenan Says:


  10. Kim Says:

    Please help me with confidence and very low self esteem

  11. Saras Says:


  12. Saras Says:

    Pls help me improve my low self-esteem

  13. dawn stanley Says:

    Newsletter Sign Up

  14. Madison Newhall Says:

    Please give me the news letter am I doing this right

  15. William t Garrett,,Jr Says:

    knew my self esstem was low

  16. Karl Says:

    What is the problem exactly? Did you get the confirmation email? Did you click the link?

  17. Janet Says:

    I’m having hard time trying to confirm
    this link
    chapter one of my book FREE when you sign up for Weekly Self Esteem Tips”