What is Self Image?

Self image is how you see yourself. This may be how you see yourself physically or your opinion of who and what you are which is normally called self concept. It is important as it affects your self esteem and confidence.

Self image includes:

  • What you think you look like
  • How you see your personality
  • What kind of person you think you are
  • What you believe others think of you
  • How much you like yourself or you think others like you
  • The status you feel you have

What does self image have to do with self esteem?

Self Esteem is how you feel about yourself. Image is about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. They are closely connected because if you have a poor opinion of yourself your self esteem will be low. Read about how to feel good about you here.

Problems with Relationships? Could it be your Self Image?

Image is to do with perception. How you see yourself is vital because this will affect your behaviour, your thinking and how you relate to others. People respond to you either positively or negatively according to how confident you are. Your confidence in relationships depends on the image you have of yourself. Visit this page for advice on how to improve your communication skills.

How you see yourself is often different from how others view you. Your view of yourself is shaped by your unique thoughts and beliefs and you will have a distorted view. You will see yourself in a positive or negative way according to your level of self esteem. You may have a negative view of yourself and if so you are probably highly critical of yourself.

How to improve your esteem and confidence

Want to increase your self confidence at work, in your daily life and improve your relationships?

One natural solution that will really help you is self hypnosis. “Hypnosis Downloads” is a wonderful site that has many inexpensive downloads I’ve recommended for years, because I’ve benefited from them myself. Check out this download which will help you feel better about you– this is excellent!! 

What can you do to Improve your Self Image?

  • List things you like about yourself – include appearance, personality and skills
  • Change negative thoughts to positive ones by focusing on the positive and forgetting the negative things that happen to you
  •  Remember compliments and note them down
  • Try the powerful method of self-hypnosis: Building your self esteem – hypnosis download 
  • It will really help you!
  • Question whether your view of yourself is accurate. and why you see yourself like you do
  • Make changes that will help you ;for example, clothes, appearance, hair style and behaviour
  • Accept things about yourself that are true and learn to think about them in a positive way
  • Get exercise  – you will look and feel better! more about psychological benefits of exercise
  • Take yourself less seriously and lighten up!
  • Accept criticism constructively so you can move forward and improve yourself
  • Never be ashamed of your body, learn to appreciate and look after it
  • Don’t be limited by your internal image, step outside of it and break free, it doesn’t have to control you or keep you down. Acting differently will change how others respond towards you and will help change your attitude towards yourself and your abilities
  • Take on challenges positively and surprise yourself!
  • Read inspiring books about esteem – here’s a selection of my favourites, they will help you so check them out now!

Remember, you are only limited by your efforts and confidence! Believe in yourself!

Learn more about self esteem and how to build your confidence

My book “Self Esteem Secrets” contains all I have learned about overcoming low self esteem and building confidence. It’s available on Amazon.com 

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