Random Acts of kindness

An act of kindness provides you happiness.

A random act of kindness benefits everyone. It shows you respect and love others and when you do, others will respond to you much more positively. By showing kindness to others you are telling them they are important and you are in fact building their self value too.

According to a recent study published in Clinical Psychological Science, a journal from the Association for Psychological Science, doing something helpful and being kind to others can reduce your level of stress. Performing acts of kindness can help to reduce your negative feelings and so can impact your life positively. Learn more about the study here.

An  act of kindness next time you’re driving? Yes! Give way, step off that pedal and let someone else go first. You’ll feel good. Try tipping that poor homeless soul on the pavement and feel the warmth inside. I would say the giver is rewarded most. Meanness in spirit keeps you trapped in a world filled with worry and stress. Give and be freed!

If you treat others with respect and kindness then you allow yourself to feel closer to others and connected with the world around you. Also, you will be building your self esteem because you will feel you are doing good and being useful to others.

This website is all about increasing your self esteem.

In a violent world kindness is a limited commodity. You’ll not only be appreciated but you will begin to…..respect yourself and feel good inside !

Your self esteem will grow and your self criticism will fade away. Self confidence will take root and grow.


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Sometimes you can become so wrapped up in your own world and desire for success and happiness that you close yourself to others. Here’s an important principle to improving your life:

If you want to receive focus on giving. Give more of yourself to others, love more and be kind. Care about the success of others and help them. By doing this you open yourself up to receive all that you desire to be happy.

These principles are all to do with giving. Giving is all about showing your appreciation for someone. Take time to thank your friends, your teacher, your partner for their time and their support.

Show someone you care!

Ways you can show kindness today

  • Compliment others. Make sure you genuinely mean it though. A compliment may make someone’s day or even alter their life.
  • Help another person to see the positive side of an experience and to feel better about what has happened.
  • Talk to someone about their dreams and encourage them to follow what they truly want as long as it is a goal worth fighting for.
  • Thank someone warmly for the help they have given.
  • Be kind to yourself and remind yourself each day what you like about yourself and about your life.
  • Tell yourself positive things rather than being critical.
  • Take time to check if you can help those around you. Hold open the door, smile at others, help someone across the street, small but important acts of kindness affect others and change your world too.

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