Meditation for Self Esteem

According to the Huffington Post, meditation can benefit your self esteem in two specific ways. Meditation is good for improving your self belief and self acceptance. Your self esteem is improved when you can begin to love yourself and accept the truth of who you are.

Meditation is a tool that will allow you to understand deeply who and what you are and it will help put your insecurities and worries into perspective.

Quietening your mind will help you to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Meditation is a form of alternative medicine that has a long history in many eastern cultures. It can bring balance by using the body and mind connection. According to Monk-Turner (2003), the aim of meditating is to focus one’s attention in the moment, to rest the mind and to find inner peace and relaxation. Stress-reduction is also another major benefit and the impact this has on blood pressure (Borysenko 1987).

Meditation is said to equal deep sleep in its health benefits. There are physical, mental and spiritual benefits, so regular meditation is recommended.

Some major benefits of meditation are:

  • reduce stress
  • reduce the effects of aging
  • enjoy life more
  • feel happier
  • improves your sleep
  • good for your brain
  • keeps you healthy

and more…

Music To Help you Meditate

The work of David Ison is also interesting. He has written music and developed programs which help heal through meditation. Music is a wonderful way to build your energy and relax your mind instantly.

Meditation is also an excellent tool to help energize your chakras, which is another area I will be looking at in the coming weeks.

Guided Meditations

The most effective meditations require a guide or teacher to help you, an alternative is what is clalled “guided meditations”. You just listen to the recording of someone guiding you to meditate, telling you what to do physically and mentally as you relax. I recommend you to get this Mindfulness Meditation which combines the power of hypnosis and meditation to help you have a calmer and more enjoyable life, and we all want that don’t we? So try it now!

Recommended Books

Meditation: Living a Successful and Peaceful Life – Personal Health, Relationship, Self-Esteem, and Happiness (Inner Peace, Stress Relief, Meditation Techniques, How to Meditate, Anger Management) by Joanna Jackson

Meditation: Meditation For Beginners: How to Find your Real Happiness, Achieve Inner Peace and Unleash the True Potential (Meditation techniques – Zen Buddism – Meditation for busy people) by Amanda Frey


Borysenko, J. (1987). Minding the body, mending the mind. New York: Bantam

Monk-Turner, E. (2003). The benefits of meditation: experimental findings. The Social Science Journal, Vol.40, No.3

Has meditation helped you? How do you meditate? Please comment below to share your thoughts:


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8 Responses to “Meditation for Self Esteem”

  1. Karl Perera Says:

    Yes prayer, Richard, is very powerful and can support you just like meditation. Columbus, I’m so glad that my messages have helped and inspired you, I’ll try to keep writing them so that you and those who rcieve them can improve their self esteem.

  2. Richard Chamberlain Says:

    I Think praying to the God you believe in is form of meditation as I just read Heather on this site went to the Buddhist centre so there must be some truth in that. What do you think?



  4. Columbus Says:


    I must say that you e-mails have added value to my ten-folds. Thanks for taking time to share with us.

  5. balamurugan Says:

    its a method for knowing ourselves

  6. Heather Says:

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 5years ago and went to the Buddhist centre and learnt to meditate!! Has helped with anxiety depression poor sleep and pain. I meditate daily!!

  7. Karl Perera Says:

    Glad to hear that things are going well Brian! Hope the meditation helps you.

  8. Brian Beach Says:

    Since getting your newsletters, I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 COPD with emphysema. I also have anxiety and depression issues. I’m seeing a councilor, and he mentioned meditation. I listened to the music you linked, and fell asleep. lol Things are going well at the moment.