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Hey Friend,

Again my apologies for not writing to you recently, not only have
I been incredibly busy but we have had some problems in the
family. But I am back now hoping to
send you more positive messages to help you improve your self
esteem. Ok, here we go…

There is one thing that stands above all other honourable things
you could do and that is an act of kindness for another.

Often when someone is suffering from self esteem issues the focua
turns inward but the best thing to do is to consider others.

My message today is that you should try to do at least one kind
thing for someone else each day. Don’t seek any reward, just be
kind and help someone.

If you do this, you’ll see a huge difference in your life!

Go check out the following page for more:

all the best for this week,

Karl Perera

Previously sent:

Dear Friend,

This week I want to speak to you about something that affects us all and
that many people fear. It is necessary but many people don’t like it. What
is it?


I enjoy change and I look forward to it, do you?

Change makes life more interesting. It is a challenge and should fill you
with excitement and hope not fear.

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you
can go.” – Bob Proctor

Change is necessary for success because it will change how you think and
your potential to improve as a person.

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing
you will make one.” – Elbert Hubbard

I agree with this quote. It is one of the greatest reasons reasons why we
avoid facing change and remain where we are unhappy but in a familiar and
safe place. Don’t put up with that, take a chance.

If change seems too difficult or too scary then break it down into smaller
parts and decide to get started.

So my question to you this week is…

What do YOU want to change?

If the change you want is connected with your self esteem, confidence or
your life in any way take a look at this:

until next week,

Karl Perera

Author, Teacher and Coach

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  1. Grace Says:

    I enjoy reading your messages on Self Esteem. Kindly, write us something about FAITH. I f you already wrote on this and I missed out on it, could you kindly email me a copy?